Ladies Lunes: Oh, those ladies.

First off, my first born will be THREE years old in 17 days. Three. I remember when I got pregnant and I had friends with three-year-olds - I was like, "Whoa. My child will never be that old."

...and here we are.

The ladies are doing just fine and this week was great. Their Mimi left on Wednesday and Lila was very, very sad. She requested that I hug her because she was sad and told me over and over again, "I sad. I sad, Mommy. I sad because my Mimi go to her house."


Vivienne is still Vivi. Climbing all over the place, giving dirty looks and starting to finally call me "Mama." (She's been calling Craig and I "Dada" for months.)

On to the photos.

This photo makes me laugh. Lila took a quick face dive into the ball bin before school.

Because they both cannot ever be happy at the same time.

My baby.

So we got a slip and slide.
Day #1 the girls refused to slip or slide. They used the end-part like a pool. A very small and shallow pool.

Does she not look like she's seven-years-old? (Which is perfect since Lila tells everyone that she'll be seven on her next birthday.)

Meanwhile, Vivi's doing this...

Then this one's giving Fosse jazz-hands while carrying her lawn mower.

On Day #2 SOMEONE loved the slip and slide! She's just going the wrong way.

(She did let me whoosh her down the slide again and again and was screaming, "Mas!")


These two couldn't be any more opposite of one another. 

 My mini me.

That's my belly.
And my hair.

I know it's a lot of Vivienne pictures, but I mean come on... holy cuteness.

I love this: "I will give it ONE try. But I refuse to "slide". I will ONLY WALK down the slip and slide."

Ever cautious.
Ever careful.
Ever Lila.

This one had no problem getting soaked.

So Lila wanted to take a nap in the hallway.

Vivienne wasn't happy about this.

However, Ferg and Millie were. :)

Vivienne just grew into a great pair of fluffs that her Aunt T. bought her. She was so proud to walk in them.

My sweetie.

Where did my baby go?

That smile.

Someone hates bibs.

Someone does love a good chocolate cupcake, though.

Lila would face paint her face (she calls face painting "funny faces") if it were socially acceptable.

 Those sweet tootsies.

That collection of band-aids. (Nope, no ailments. Just accessories.)

My Lila Ross.

Oh, my Lila Ross. I'm getting sentimental.

This little soul that I prayed for...'s been the best almost three-years of my life.

Happy week, ya'll.




  1. Your girls. Sigh. I adore them and their vast array of incredibly sweet, funny and adorable expressions. :) It's funny how Lila looks so much like C and Vivi looks so much like you, but I can still see each of you in each of them.


    (I CANNOT BELIEVE LILA IS ALMOST THREE. That seems physically impossible. Such a sweet, gorgeous big girl. :)

  2. Your girls always remind me so much of my own. The slip n slide...that was totally us last summer. S was afraid, E dived right in. ;). Try bubble bath on it...that got S into it! And it makes the tiny pool at the bottom so much fun too!

    Ahhh, 3. It'll be wonderful. Really, it will. Outside of the sass that comes with age 3, it is a great age! You'll learn so many more amazing things about her! I have loved age 3.

  3. Oh my goodness....these girls grow up every week!!

    Seriously, how old is Lila?! I mean she does look like she is SO much older in some of those pictures! CRAZY. I love how into art she is, too cute.

    And Vivi. Can I say that I think Henry is going to be a lot like her. I see little bits of things that Vivi has done in the past that Henry is starting to do! It cracks me up! (And the bib thing is a constant fight at our house. He will spend 15 minutes fighting with that damn thing. He is persistent, I will give him that!!)

    Seriously, Vivi just reminds me so much of you and I love how Lila is more like Craig. Awesome!

    I am dying over that messy cupcake picture of Vivi!

    And that last picture of Lila....SHUT UP. So grown up and SO cute.


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