June 20th is always our day. And The Lionel's birthday.

6/20/2012 04:08:00 AM

As it turns out, my dear husband and I have been together (sans even one breakup) for fifteen years as of today. Nope, we haven't been married that long (it'll be nine years in October), still I am a firm believer that today shouldn't go unnoticed.

Dear Craig,

When did this happen? Has it really been this long? It seems like I blinked and we grew up, got married and had babies. Insane.

You make me happy, my friend. You make me happy.

In honor of today I made a list of 15 things. Ah-hem.

  1. I love that whatever you do you do it right. You never take shortcuts. You never doing anything halfway. You're quality.
  2. I love that when it's time for dessert at a restaurant you never look at me, you just say to the waiter, "Why don't we check out the menu?" You're a mind reader.
  3. I love that our first date was when we were 17 and 19 years old. And that your friend, now my brother-in-law, made me sit in the backseat while he rode shotgun.
  4. I love that you laugh at 94% of my jokes. That's a fantastic percentage.
  5. I love that I can always, always, always count on you. If you say you'll be there at 6 p.m. -- you are THERE at 6 p.m. You word is your bond.
  6. I love you're SAFE. Your arms, that hug, that calm voice... you steady me.
  7. I love that you laugh hysterically at mindless comedies. And that you love animals. You're good people.
  8. I love that you wrote me at least one letter per week that I was in college. And you mailed those letters to me because you knew I loved cards and letters and stamps. Kind and thoughtful, you are.
  9. I love that you're a walking encyclopedia. I ask you a question, you immediately know the correct answer. It's perfect. You're my google.
  10. I love that you're neat. Everything is in it's place because that's how it should be. I envy that gift. (I'm sorry I'm so disheveled.)
  11. I love that I still learn new thing about you on a regular basis.
  12. I love our history. We have FIFTEEN years of memories together. Some are hilarious. Some aren't. But they're ours. And I love that they're ours.
  13. I love that you can cook/create/fix/make anything. You're my renaissance man.
  14. I love your honesty. You're filled to the brim with integrity and people respect you. You get what you see, with you. And that is such a good thing.
  15. I love that we are a family. Who would have thought, all those years ago, that we'd be living in Cabo with two daughters? Ah life, it's a funny thing.
The truth of the matter is that there's no one else on this planet that could handle me for as long as you have. I know you love me and you know I love you.

This is a partnership and I have to believe it's because we started out as friends who respected one another... well, and I thought you were cute.

Today, we're marrieds who are still friends and who still respect one another. The only difference between June 20, 1997 and June 20, 2012 is that I love you more. And I have better hair.

Craig Ross - here's to 15 years. I'll be chilling a bottle of Boone's Farm's finest in the fridge tonight... :)

Seriously though, I love you far more than words (even all the words on this here blog) -- could ever, ever express.

Happy 15 years together.




  1. HAPPY HAPPY 15 years to both of you! i can't believe it. but i like it. no, in fact, i love it.

    thanks for all of your inspiration! and here's to 15 more years of love and happiness. then 15 more after that.

    love, Miss

  2. This is the sweetest post! I loved reading each and every reason. You guys are an inspiration.



  3. Happy 15!

    Love you to the moon and back.


  4. This just makes me so happy.
    I love how you two love each other.
    How you two are like the real deal. . . the way love is supposed to be.
    Congrats on 15 beautiful years!

    (By the way. . .I was quite fond of your hair back in the day.)


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