The creepiest thing you'll see today.

6/01/2012 08:37:00 PM
I amazon-ed "Disney Princess toddler swimsuit" and ran across this suit. Which Lila would like.

It's just that...

... I can't get past that mannequin.



  1. Man arms. Man arms with kid body. Can't look anymore!

  2. Weird. And scary.

    Sophia has the princess suit with the tutu attached. I'm not the biggest character fan, but she turns into the happiest person on the planet when she's wearing it. And it's cute. Sold. ;) I'm truly amazed (for once) at the Amazon price. It's double what we paid at Target. Wow.

  3. Um. CREEPY.

    And is one of his/her/its legs bigger than the other?



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