Photos from my early years. Act I.

5/02/2012 07:30:00 PM
It's a crazy week. Pardon the photo-heavy posts.

I feel that this one is entertaining, though.

So, let me introduce you to me as a baby and toddler.

(I'm not sure I'm ready to allow you see me as an 8-15-year-old. :)

So this is a badly scanned photo. Still, my favorite part is that I'm in the bottom 1/4 of the photo.  Right next to the orange bowl.

And, that's me. Eating.

Or, as Lila says, "That's Vivi."

Several things to note in this photo besides the obvious.

1.) The light blue paneling and floral walls that were in our dining room.
2.) The fact that my potty chair is leaning up against a metal grate/olive green oven.
3.) The fact that I'm locked in my potty chair.
4.) The blue/green, ocean-themed shag carpeting.

All of this is so fantastic.  This is so 1980.

And there's me.

Riding shotgun (?) in the family van. (More pics of said van below.)

In this one I totally see Vivi.

And a great pumpkin and a fabulously classy fake fireplace.


I'm wearing a Chinese style-outfit, hair forced into pig tails and what I assume is my mother's bra.

Clearly I was quirky from the get.

This one ALSO makes me smile.

This would be my cousin and I posing under a rather imposing potted plant at my cousin's wedding reception.

That's me posing in the doorway of our SHAG carpeted van.

Yes, shag carpeted. It also had FOUR captain's chairs, a square table with u-shaped bench seat and an 8-track player that BLARED Anne Murray.

This is one of my favorite pictures ever.

My cousin Amy and I (both 2 years old) are clearly VERY confident that our elder cousin, Adam, (who is 4) could TOTALLY help us in any dangerous pool situation we may encounter.

(We're standing on the deck of my Grandma's above-ground pool.)

Look at Adam's face.


And finally, here's me chillin' at Cedar Point on the Earth Orbitter like, "Hey, yo? I got this. Look at my body language. I know this spaceship isn't go anywhere. And if it was? I could handle it. I got time, I got time..."

Look at my face. Insane.

Please, if I ever wonder where my girls get their attitude... remind me of the earth orbiter-4.



  1. I love all of these pictures!! So easy to see how your girls got to be so cute :) Hugs!!

  2. You forgot to note that in your potty chair photo you are rolling your eyes at the camera and life. Yep. That was my baby sister.

    And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for avoiding the tub picture.

  3. I see Vivi, oh my! So strong! These are awesome.

  4. your 'tude in the earth orbiter 4 is impressive. the confidence! that's the ky i know. :) and yeah... i thought vivi resembled you before, but dang. there's NO denying her now!!

  5. HAHAHAHA You made me laughed through the entire post. Vivi looks so much like you that it's INSANE. Lucky girl, she's going to be a stunning woman. Thanks for sharing, these are A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

  6. Oh my gosh, I always thought Vivi looked like you but seeing these pictures you don't realize just HOW much you two looked alike! THAT is AWESOME! (The one of you next to the pumpkin IS Vivi)

    Speaking of awesome, how about these totally rad 80's pictures!

    The one of you bored sitting on the potty - FANTASTIC! Or leaning back in the ride....LOVE it!

    Actually, each of these pictures are awesome!

    Thanks for bring on the teenage years!! I shared mine, they can't be worse than mine :)

  7. You're right the expression in the astro orbiter is PRICELESS. I love this idea of scanning and showing old pictures, I just might borrow it =)

    Man the 80s.... and they're making a comeback...why???

  8. The last one has me in tears! Too funny.

  9. Love the old pics!! You were such a little peanut! :-)

  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these... Yes, the photo with the pumpkin is totally Vivi. The potty shot is incredible. And the SHAG carpet van... I WANT ONE!
    Adore these... you were such a cutie. :)

  11. oh my god! I'm back and I'm laughing hysterically at the earth orbiter-4 picture again. My family thinks I'm nuts. And thanks to this pic, I have chocolate all over my laptop! HAAAA!

  12. So amazing how MUCH Vivi really looks like you! You were such a little punkin. :)

    And, OMG -- we ABSOLUTELY had that same shag-carpeted van, except ours was avocado green. Everything else -- down the 8-track playing Anne Murray -- was exactly the same. GO OHIO in the early 80s! Hee.

    This was fun. I'm hoping "Act 1" means you're planning more of these posts?

  13. Vivi looks EXACTLY like you. I love that Lila sees it too.

  14. I need every single one of these photos! They are too much!

    If it weren't for the awesome 80's backgrounds, it would be impossible to distinguish you from Vivienne.

    I hope there are more of these.


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