Oh Toledo, are you really worth it?

For those of you without a calculator handy, that would be $871.98 per ticket for Lila, Craig and I.

Vivienne will be 10% of my ticket.

[insert heavy, heavy sigh.]



  1. ah. that's so hard. the ol' heart says YES it's worth it! the pocketbook? not so much. my pocketbook always said "Toledo?!? You could be going to Paris instead!!!" :)

    1. RIGHT?

      Sadly, we this is sort of an "ex-pat check in" visit. So far we have six doctor's appointments scheduled. And we need to renew our licenses. And, and, and... BOO.

  2. Wow! I'd go to Europe instead... but I get it. I've paid $400 USD (per person) for a ticket to Mazatlan and it's a half hour flight. 25 minutes if the pilot is fast.

  3. Can you write it off as medical expenses? I'm not sure how the tax laws work down there or for Ex-pat's, but maybe it would ease the sting a little. If it wasn't for the Dr.'s appts, I say no way in HELL is Toledo worth it (I live here by the way, so I am allowed to diss my hometown).

    Have safe travels.


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