MexMo: Feliz dia de las Mamas!

So, since I had my babies in Mexico and currently reside in Mexico, I get to celebrate Mother's Day twice. Um, awesome.

Lila's been talking about a "surprise" for me for at least 3 weeks now. The surprise is a dance at school and she's come home everyday and told me about it. I'd ask her to show me a bit of it, and she'd kick her leg out forward... once and tell me, "That for you!"

Lila's school

As it turns out, that one leg kick was quite telling of the actual, finished Mother's Day dance.

More on that in a minute.

First, let's take a look at my daughters hugging one another this morning before Lila's Dia da la mama's festival.

Next, let's take a look at this ridiculously cute outfit that I made. (As if. I did not make this outfit. A friend of a friend made this outfit and I paid for it.)

Traditional Mexican skirt, apron and vest.

P.S. The vest is velour. ROCK ON. I plan on dressing her up as Joan Jett for Halloween this year. Score.

And, those shoes and socks? They're all Lila. Hey - what can she say? They make her jump higher! ("Lila, your shoes are tight, you're going to need some new ones. Her: "You will buy me same shoes again, right?" Absolutely. Hello my little creature of habit.)

 Next, I had to take a picture when we got to school. Pre-performance.

She slowly warmed up.

Um. I know. SO cute.

This is Lila's friend, Nico.

Next, the dance:

And pics from the dance.

Finally, when it was over - this little sweetie found some rose petals and brought them to me. Sweet girl.

Um, I love her. She was so proud.

And when it was all over with, the children find their Mommies in the crowd and bring them a gift. Mine was a little plaster square with her hand print on it.

I cried.

GREAT day. I've never enjoyed a little program more. So sweet. 

I really love being a Mom.


P.S. Big thank you to mi amiga Dulce for taking so many of these photos! xo.


  1. Oh, I LOVE this!!!

    Lila looks ADORABLE. She is so cute!

    I also think she was the only one doing the dance! That dance was hilarious and she did a fantastic job!!

    It really looks like a wonderful time and you deserve it as you are an AMAZING mama :)

    (The kid in the center crying - poor guy....though I laughed at that and the chaos. Awesome!)

  2. Her dress is adorable! What a cute event.

  3. her dance! hilarious, i love it. happy mother's day, if i don't talk to you before then.

  4. OMG - with the amount of tears during that dance, you would have thought it was for a funeral procession?! not a mother's day party. i LOVED it. all of this post made my entire being smile! i'm so happy you're a mama.

  5. i laughed out loud at the video! what a beautiful little train wreck. :) the crying little boys grabbing their faces what a neat thing, though, and you deserve TWO mothers days... one for each pretzel. enjoy!!!

  6. I just got welly reading... The joys that only being a mommy can bring.

  7. Oh my heart. Her gift to you got me all teary for some reason.

    Louis wants a boy named Nico. Poor Lou. No boys for you.

  8. This was capital A Awesome! Lila was the only one who knew what was going on! And I love that the leg kick she previewed for you was her main move. That kid rocks.

    I also loved hearing your laugh in the background. I miss that laugh.

    What a lovely idea to have a Mother's Day Festival! This country should take note.


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