Ladies Lunes: The one's almost 3 and the other one is almost 16 months.

Dear Lila and Vivienne,

You make me laugh. The two of you make me laugh. You're becoming a duo; a force to be reckoned with... Lila, you must sit by Vivienne at breakfast, lunch and dinner. "I sit a next to Vivienne." We thought it was so cute, but then we realized that you're giving her all of your blueberries.

Lila Ross - you're talking so much and your favorite response right now is, "I think so."


Me: "Lila, can you please hand me Vivienne's cup?"

Lila: "I think so."

Me: "Lila, do you want fish for dinner?"

Lila: "I thinks so."

It's your standard response and I love it. It's certainly not definitive, but I get it -- you can't promise when you're not certain.

Sweet girl, you love Lionel Richie. You love him. You sing his songs, request to watch his T.V. special that we DVR'd and protected so that it can't be deleted... Your favorite song is, "You are the sun." I need to record you singing it.

In one more month, it will be your birthday, Lila Ross -- and you will be three years old. However, when asked how old you will be, you reply with, "I'll be seb-een." (Seven.)

You make me laugh. And you cannot wait for your birthday. Not a day goes by that you don't mention what you would like at your "happy birthday party."

And Vivienne Kate - you're fire-y these days.


Vivienne: "AHHHHH!!! Neh-neh,neh, NO!" (And then you scream and wave your arms about.)

You remain to a choosy-eater but SHOCKED us this week when you actually ate garbanzo beans and watermelon. If it were up to you, you'd subsist solely on blueberries, strawberries and scrambled eggs.

You're CONSTANTLY climbing on everything. EVERYTHING. You have no fear and we sort of think you're incredible.

Sweet pea, I love you so much.


On to the photos...

Lila picked a dozen flowers for me... and set them all up in "vases."

I love toddlers.

Another view. There really are so many uses for snapware.

The other day Vivienne was waiting at the door for Nelly the Nanny to come. "Vivi, where's Nelly?" Off to the door she went.

Lila already has so much power over Vivienne.

"Wee-vee -- let's make a train. You sit here."

"Ok. I'l be real-still-like."

There's a lot of this in our house.

Usually every 3-5 minutes.

Crafts are fun.

The ladies, playing in the pool.

Seriously, could you not just eat her?

Here's Lila teaching Millie her letters. 

That pose demonstrates why a helmet should be mandatory for Vivienne all day, everyday.

And how cute are those bottoms?

When Craig wears a hat Vivienne doesn't know who he is. :)

Water is the primary method of entertainment in this house.

I know, right? Who does she think she is?

Oh, this baby. And her headbands.

She's so serious. I mean, come on - wouldn't YOU be if you had three stickers on your face?

These aren't great photos -- but Craig walked into Vivienne's room the other morning and saw this. I ran in with my camera and got it on film. (Or memory card, if you'd rather.)

Vivienne's first tower. Whoa.

She's a genius.

The "tent" in Lila's room.

I didn't dress her in this outfit.

But she certainly looks happy, no?

Sleeping in the pack and play. I wanted to re-introduce it since Vivi will be sleeping in it on and off for the week. (Her Mimi is coming to visit and Vivi's room doubles as the guest room.)


Lila got a "bubble gun" that we're refusing to call a "gun." (Look at Lila's face. That's precisely why there will be no "real" guns in our house.)

They love it.

Clearly it's mesmerizing. 

That face.

My favorite Vivienne picture of the week:


She's climbing again.

Best friends.

(Ferg is the BEST DOG IN THE WORLD.)

Lila's first experience with "rich chocolate" ovaltine. :)

Um, she loves it. :) She's so my daughter.

The laughing, oh it makes my life.

And they laugh at one another, of course.

She's a weirdo. I'm not sure where she gets these faces from...

Oh wait, I do...

And this is Lila's SERIOUS face.

"Listen a me. OK?"

Craig is the finest face painter in Cabo.

My favorite of my Lila this week.

Ah, oh how I love them.




  1. those pics were incredible. they are obviously both full of life and personality. sweet girls.

  2. The climbing. UGH. THE. CLIMBING! I'm scared Zofia is going to figure out how to get on the roof. You should watch out for this with Vivi.

  3. Love love love!

    Can't wait to see your girls this summer and see their fun personalities in person!

    Lila's serious face is AWESOME! She is just adorable. I cannot believe she is almost 3. Seriously, where has the time gone?!

    And Vivi....oh I could eat up those legs, and belly and that face! Love it. She is so precious! And it looks like you have your hands full with her too!

  4. Your girls remind me so much of my kills me. So cute! V climbing on everything is soooooo E. 2nd kids. Daredevils. Do you have minor heart attacks? Ah, I remember that.

    Excited to meet you ladies this summer! Can I request your hubby to be a face painter? ;)

  5. What FUN! I love this post. Such fun pictures.

  6. Tell Craig...GOOD hot shot. Tattoo, scruff, cool hat....he goes down as a cool dad in Vivi's someday show the friends photo album.....t


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