Ladies Lunes: Amigas.

It appears that my girls are quite entertaining.

This was the week of playing together.

And Vivi? Holy cow, she is out of whatever shell she might have been in previously. She's absolutely who-larious.

And, she loves Millie.

And these girls love one another, too. Just ironically, never at the same time. (Two seconds after this photo was shot Vivi wanted Lila off of her NOW.)

But then two seconds after that... you get this.


Friends, if you don't have a water table for your toddlers - BUY ONE. Ours is played with And, for those of you in colder states, I hear you can still use it in the winter. Bring in the snow and let the kids play with it.

Best $40 you'll spend this spring.

Lila was pouring "cupcakes." Uh-huh.

Yep, pajamas and rain boots.

Vivi was drinking water... with her sister's magic wand.

Oh, those tootsies.

...and that laugh!

More painting. It's part of Lila's daily life these days. Love it.

Ladies who lunch.

Millie is always ready for some sort of snack.

That hair.

So, we have these screened sliding doors that go out to our back patio. Millie, our insane dog (whom we love), ripped a hole through the screen when she first moved in so that she can come and go as she pleases..., guess who else likes to come and go as she pleases?

Coming back in.

And now, guess what? She even carries CHAIRS through the door now.

Yep. Craig will be fixing the door this week.

This is Lila posing by her "herbs." (Please, pronounce the "h" -- Lila does.) She waters them and is very proud of them.

Vivi is very much into head accessories.

Even at breakfast.

 Um. Her belly.

Sunday morning my girls were cutting the floor. They were following one another around with their ridiculously noisy lawn mowers giggling and laughing.

The sounds was a bit much, but they were so cute.

Yes, that's Petal hitching a ride on the mower.

Lila paints everything... even her toes with water.

...and, for the pièce de résistance of this week's Ladies Lunes:

Have a great week!




  1. Awe, I love seeing them play together. The door cracks me up. She's probably thinking, "Why didn't we do this earlier?". ;)

    Lila painting her toes reminds me of my girls this weekend. They were painting the driveway with washable paint and decided to paint my hubby's toes with it. They LOVED it. I think my hubby loved it too. I thought of you because I could totally see your girls enjoying this and their daddy being a trooper through it as well. ;)

  2. omg. i want to squeeze them. both of them. i could give my right pinky to be able to strut around in a similar green bikini rocking that protruding belly! i absolutely love it.

  3. Vivi's bikini rocks. Where did you get that?!

    Today I was taking M for a walk and I saw our neighbors water table. I thought to myself. . . we need to get one of those. You have convinced me. . . so getting one.

    K, your girls are just precious. It makes my heart happy to see them playing together. Sisters. . . oh what you will see in the years to come. So happy for them and for you guys!

  4. Oh my goodness....LOVE seeing them wrestle around and play together. SO CUTE!

    Lila in her pjs and rainboots. I mean come on, that is fantastic.

    And Vivi in her bikini. Well that is just the cutest thing! That belly needs to be zerberted ;)

    They are just such sweet girls.


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