Conversation with Lila

It as after her nap, and she was so sweet... and quiet... I had to ask... 

Me: Lila, can I carry you?

Lila: [immediately responding] No, Mommy. I'm a big girl. I need to walk by myself. Ok?


This conversation will repeat itself both verbally, and in my heart, until she's 75-years-old.

I'm always going to want to carry her. She's always going to tell me she's a big girl and she can do it on her own.




  1. Right there with you. *Sigh*

  2. Keira always wants me to pick her up and carry her but she weighs over 30 pounds and is a tugboat! lol

  3. someone looks like her beautiful Mama in that picture. she'll always be your baby in some ways; you'll always get to guide and shelter her while you let her venture out on her own. i'm proud of the mom you are.

  4. Sigh indeed. My daughter is definitely in a big "I can do it!" phase. Sometimes I just want to do it for her, not because she can't or because its faster, but to hold onto that babiness where she needs me to.

  5. This was like a little stab through the heart to read, especially as I'm preparing to go back to work and trying desperately not to think about the things I'll be missing!

    Big sigh. You know she adores you. Why do they have to get big and think they're all independent??

    I'm going to go watch him sleep now.


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