Christina Aguilera's house is for sale.

5/04/2012 04:08:00 AM
And who doesn't like to see celebrities' decor?

If the home looks familiar, remember - it was the Osbourne's casa.

She is weird. This is ridiculous.

See it here. It's listed at $13,500,000.

Happy Friday. :)



  1. Does her kitchen say 'apopcalypse'? And if so, WHY?! I like her kitchen lights - but only the top boxy part of them, not the black tassel looking things hanging down. That bathroom is redic. She needs to de-clutter.


  2. SHe has a giftwrapping nook. I mean, seriously? How many gifts you think Stinkalera wraps with her own hands? Certainly not enough to require a damn nook.

    pfft. this furthers my belief that she smells like hot dogs in real life.

    1. This is by far the most entertaining comment of the month.

      "Hot dogs."

      STOP it. Stop it this minute.

  3. this was fascinating. i love seeing how other people live... from celebs to open houses in my own neighborhood. :) but seriously??? i was WAY overstimulated by all the colors, patterns, and just plain stuff. and the amount of curtains in the house? i could.not.breathe. if surrounded by that much fabric hanging over my windows. but i must admit... i do kind of dig her red chandeliers and that pagoda by the pool. i could rock those. :)

  4. Oh.My.God. Can you say gaudy?! Waaay too much overstimulation...especially her kids room, he must have nightmares. The curtains all look like trash bags and are too long, who designed this? Shes odd, dont really care for her, but her designer should be fired immediately! lol (loved the smelling like hot dog comment!)

  5. The word that comes to mind.... excessive. And I just can't get into antlers as decor.

  6. Oh I love getting sneak peeks into celebrities houses. Ideally I'd want to see them pre-staging you know how my house looks. Dog hair, toys and clothes scattered about =)

  7. Did you see the Chihuly!? I want one.

  8. That is just overwhelming. Too much going on. I'm not even sure anything she has really goes together.

    The only thing that was "normal" was the pool.

  9. This does not surprise me. Tacky and cluttered. The hot dog queen is really snotty on The Voice.


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