At some point in my life I will have a garden gnome collection.

I don't live next to this person, but I sort of wish I did.

(As Craig pointed out, imagine how easy it would be to explain to people where you live? "Yeah, we're right next door to the lady* with 2 million small plaster gnomes in her front yard. You'll see us.")

So, loo this woman has such a surplus of garden gnomes that it's standing room only! Those little guys in the back are actually positioned wee-garden-gnome-shoulder-to-shoulder.

Love this.

And I love the random candy cane in the center of the photo that probably should have been removed months ago - but let's be honest, it adds to the charm of this wee Garden Gnome Conference. And let's be honest again, because of the chaotic visual eye pollution it can be assumed that the Garden Gnome owner was more than likely not able to actually see the candy cane let alone remove it.

I will have this one day.

So, who wants me to move back to the States and be their neighbor?


*For some reason I envision that the Gnome Owner is a woman who "parents" about 102 cats, names each and every one of her gnome "children" and collects used yogurt lids.

Correct me if you think I'm wrong.



  1. Replies
    1. So, are there any homes for sale next to you? :)

  2. Yes, Ky, there are :) Maybe you could move into the house next door. It's not for sale, but their lack of caring is bringing the neighborhood down. Really. And we don't see them much. I don't even think they actually live there.

    I need to get a garden gnome.

    OH! When we moved into this house, there was (and still is) a statue of Mary in the backyard with plants surrounding her. We are too scared to remove it, so it is still there 2 years later. I will post a picture...

  3. Oh my....I LOVE me some gnomes!!

    Look how fun and cute all those gnomes look?!?! And gnomes are far better then my neighbor with her plastic geese that she dresses up every couple weeks!!

    Did you see the movie gnomeo and Juliet? LOVE THIS MOVIE! Henry and I watch it and by Henry and I, I mean I watch it with Henry in the room. And by I mean I watch it with Henry in the room I mean I watch it by myself :)


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