Always dust. Everywhere I turn.

5/22/2012 08:40:00 PM
Craig's Mom arrives tomorrow and we're all excited to see her. However, in preparation for her visit I'm attempting to clean and organize, because seriously? YOU would do the same thing if your mother-in-law was staying at your house for seven days.

But, I will have you know that Craig's Mom is pretty great and she happens to be a phenomenal grandma therefore we're all excited about her visit. Lila is especially pumped for her return so that she can read "Geraldine" to her more.

Ok, back to cleaning.



  1. She walked up and down the dock stairs with Zofia 652 times AND got her to eat an entire pouch of baby food. Phenomenal is right.

  2. I HATE dusting. I never do it. Ever.

    However, after the packing process, I am going to consider, yes I said consider (I'm still hesitant to commit), adding dusting to my list of shit I hate, but have to do. The dust bunnies I found while packing were terrifying.

    There is nothing worse than mothers and mothers in law visiting for making you all of a sudden feel significantly more inadequate when it comes to "keeping" your home. I love them... but wow - the stress of it all.

    Good luck with the cleaning!

  3. I feel you. My mother-in-law always falls into the absolutely amazing category and she is at our house a lot, and I still always feel the, "House isn't clean enough," twinge. Every time she comes over. I think it's hard wired into us. Luckily the grandbabies keep them so busy they don't care, or notice the the dust!


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