Who AM I?!

4/04/2012 04:08:00 AM
So I was looking for new crocs for Lila because as far as I'm concerned ONLY TODDLERS and CHILDREN should wear crocs.


Then this came out of nowhere, but I saw these and I thought, um... I might like these... these... CROCS.


They're the Adrina Flat II ($44) and I seriously think they're cute.

So cute with white jeans, right?

I live in Cabo. It's hot all the time. It would be nice to wear something other than sandals or flips but are breathable. (I know, I'm complaining about what?)

These are cute.

(Where is the lightening? It's going to strike me at any point.)



  1. They are super cute!! Crocs had some cute boots out this year too. Get them!

  2. Um, I'd totally wear those. You are not alone in this.

  3. I like these, too! And I have always been right with you in the belief that Crocs are only suitable for young children. Hmm...

  4. They remind me of jelly shoes! And I LOVED my jelly shoes back in the day!!

  5. I'm with Wendy, they totally look like Jellies.

  6. Those are cute! Very much jellies, but probably won't dig into the sides of your feet like jellies did!

    So, I think I have mentioned this before but we are the proud owners of TWO pairs of bright orange (fundraiser for MS) crocs. At first we hated them and refused to even put them on, especially Terry. Now, we are always wearing them. I wear them around the house for chores, but not out in public....because they are BRIGHT ORANGE! Blech. Terry, on the other hand, has started wearing them in public. He said it is ok....he is a dad and dads can get away with that :) So basically, we are totally croc wearing people now ;) *sigh*

    (I still own a pair of jelly shoes)

  7. I almost couldn't even bring myself to comment but since you put it out there... I figure it's only fair.

    I like them.

    There. I said it. Hmpf.

    I am emphatically against crocs. While I agree kids can wear them, we don't in our house. I just can't bring myself to buy them.

    I would buy these though. They do look like throw-back jellies and I heart that. They also do not look like crocs and I heart that as well.

    Nice find - order and enjoy (and let us know if you like them)!

  8. Really cute. They are cheaper on endless $40.

  9. Recently went to a Crocs outlet store with my mom and came this<-->close to buying these: http://www.crocs.com/crocs-melbourne-ii-short-vamp/11815,default,pd.html?cid=27E&cgid=women-footwear-loafers.

    If they took the "Crocs" tag off the back, I totally would. Isn't that awful?

  10. I like them...I bet they are really comfortable too.

    I'm a big fan of Crocs for kids in the summer. So amazing...yet ugly at the same time. ;)


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