Scores of photos

Here we go, ladies and gents.

Tons of pics of my girls.

(P.S., This is my 4,600 post.)


Vivienne is so strong she can LIFT CLASSIC CARS.

This is Lila. She's almost 3.

THREE, I say!

She also likes the Easter Bunny.

A morning at the Estuary feeding the duckies. (Our Mexican ducks really like stale white bread hamburger buns.)

Lila said the ducks were talking to her. It was pretty darn cute.

A squeal of delight.

My big girl.

Ah, sweet laughter.


Vivi Kate.

My precious baby.

(I had to show you the jean shorts.)

My baby is growing up.

And get this, amigos -- her EYE has been CLEAR for almost 2 weeks now.



Our Easter decor.  The cross means, "Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so" and the Egg means, "Happy Easter Bunny." (According to Lila.)

Lila's first-ever PEEP.


Then it was time to dye eggs.

Note the crown of clippies on my daughter's head. Whoa.

This is my daughter.

She was kind of excited.

Easter Egg hunt at our friend's home...

Lila's a bit standoffish.

Tee hee.


Standoffish Lila.

And Vivi Kate the happy Easter bunny.

The cutest bunny you will EVER see.


My big girl. :)


Exactly. As IF they'd all look at the camera at once.


Brody and Lila are too cute.

Easter morning!


Searching for eggs at Easter brunch. Where's Lila's head?

Yep. That's the only picture I got of my matching girls together.


My ladies and I.

One out of 3 looking at the camera isn't bad, right?

Seriously? How old does Lila look? 14?

She's wearing the princess dress that her Mimi got her for Easter.

And this, dear friends, is piece of history.

Lila has never, EVER fallen asleep on the couch (besides when she was a newborn.)


She refuses to relinquish control... but on Easter Sunday, a little before 7 p.m., she fell asleep.

It was a good weekend.



  1. Awww, how cute...sleeping Lila. With all that excitement. I'd crash on the couch too. ;)

  2. Oh my goodness, soooooo cute!!! All the excitement and fun was just exhausting!!!!

  3. super jealous, couch naps are not a thing that happen here either. why the HECK does Lila look so big?? WHY? When did this happen???????

  4. These are so adorable, Kylee! I loved every one of them. I agree, Lila looks like such a big girl. How is she only 4? And Vivi? I know I keep saying it, but I just can't get over how she looks so much like a little girl.

    Two beauties you have here, my Friend!

    1. She's ONLY TWO, dear friend. Can you even believe that? She looks four, though.

  5. I love that last pic-there is a baby dol in the background cheering for Lila's map. Funny stuff.

    Your girls are absolutely beautiful. You guys look like you had do much fun!

  6. Lila is growing up right before our eyes....she did look ten in that photo. Yay for two clear weeks:)

    Happy Easter B family!

  7. Oh my GOSH the crown of clips is AWESOME.

  8. You really do have some darn cute kids! LOVE that photo of Vivi in her rainbow dress with the grass and the shadows. Except for that lady in the blue dress. You should photoshop her out. :)

    Cuteness overload!


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