The other day at the beach.

One of the incredible things about where I live is that the beach is a 5 minute walk from our house.

There are few things better than going to the beach for an hour to listen to the waves and play with your sweeties.

Trust me. I'm thankful.


Please, enjoy that belly.

Where did my baby go? And when did her hair get that long?

Ladies, calm down. He's all mine. (I am married to the best looking man in the world. And, it just so happens he's incredible.)

Vivi and her parents.

This is Lila yelling to Vivi and I. She was unwilling to walk down to meet us.

Beachwalking isn't easy.


In her Daddy's arms.

 And, my faves...


Of course my girls never match.

Nor should they. Ever.

"Lila, give my favorite smooch."

She grabs my face and kisses me.

LOVE it.

Ah, life is good.



  1. there are few things i love more than seeing people living the good life and fully appreciating it. awesome post.

  2. Precious. You look content, friend.

  3. Loved all of your pictures, they were so adorable! I'm jealous of your beachside proximity!

  4. Ah, how gorgeous. I bet that is an AMAZING way to relieve the stress at the end of any day. I love the beach. You are blessed.

    I love the sister photos. Framers for sure. And I also LOVE how your girls dress. I love when parents let kids dress like kids...instead of dressing in the perfect store model outfit; totally put together, unlike a kid's real personality. Let them shine! Great job, friend.

  5. These photos are so lovely!


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