MexMo: It's hot here. (And other obvious statements.)

I had to move to Mexico in order to truly appreciate hot-water-less (by choice) showers.

It's already so hot, I've now turned off the hot water in my showers for several days now.

Kids, it was 82 degrees in my house when I got home from work today.

93 in my car on the drive HOME from work.

Mark the calendar: I turned the air on today.


Note, in Mexico few of us have the midwest luxury I grew up with called: central air. Nope, we have mini splits. Not only are they ridiculously unsightly, but they only cool the room you're in. We have 4 in our single-story home. They do their job, but it leaves for various zones in your home NOT completely, centrally cooled.

Example of a mini-split.

Note: This is not my home. But boy, I wish it was. Looks fancy, right?

Notice the mini split on the wall above the gorgeous curtains.


Living in Meh-hee-coe sometimes has its hot, sweaty negatives.


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