Lila Ross: BIG news.

4/03/2012 04:08:00 AM
Lila's been asking for a "big girl bed like Bella" (her cousin) for about 3 months.

Finally, it was time.

But first, of course I had to stroll down memory lane.

I mean... was it just yesterday that we were waiting to bring our cupcake home to her crib?

Look at this precious sweetheart.

Those were newborn shorts and a newborn onesie.


You know I made her pose in the toddler bed before we took it down.

You also may assume that I cried during the process, too.

She's 3 months from turning 3.

Vivi and Millie joined her for a brief minute, too.

And here's Lila Ross' big girl bed.

(We still haven't changed any of the wall decor. We just might leave it like this. For now.)

It looks like a little girl lives here. :(

Lila could hardly believe it. All afternoon she kept saying, "I got my big girl bed! I sleep in my big girl bed tonight."

She was delighted beyond words.

Here she is just after climbing into the bed.

She was so proud.

She was so happy. (And that bed skirt was only $23 on amazon. Compared to the $149 one on

You MUST watch this video of Lila taken right as she was getting into her bed for the first time.

I kid you not, this kid is who-larious.

My baby's growing up.


Yep, I had to do it. I spent the evening looking back at "Lila in her crib" photos. Some of my faves:

(Notice I went from a point-and-shoot camera to an SLR.)


Sweet dreams, ya'll.



  1. Oh gosh, the video of her giggling...the most adorable thing ever. What a happy little girl. Sophia watched with me and asked, "What's that girl's name?" I told her Lila and she said, "I want to be friends with that Lila". Me too, me too. She's so cute and FUN.

    Love her big girl bed.

    1. AH! Sweet Sophia. :) I love it. If we lived closer, they would SO be friends. :)

  2. she's quite the gal. :) hope that new big girl bed makes her happy for years to come! so cute!!!

  3. Her room is so beautiful!! You have great decorating taste.

    I tried to comment on your post yesterday about Aubrey but my stupid computer wouldn't let me.

    I mentioned it on my blog though...

    1. Yes, I read your comment. THANK YOU. And thanks for the link on your blog.


  4. Adorable. I LOVE her laugh. It's contagious! I was giggling right along with her.

    And I loved the trip down memory lane - you've got some super cute pictures of her. So much fun.

    Here's to many a sleepy and restful nights in the new bed!

  5. Big girl beds are awesome! Her room is quite cute.

    It was cracking me up how she'd giggle after every statement. And then at the end she was DONE - you read book now? Ha!

  6. LOVE the bedspread and where did you find the butterfly sheets? Her room is such the perfect room for a little princess!!!

    1. Thank you! And thanks for the comment. The sheets are from pottery barn kids and the bedspread was something our local costco had. :)

      Stop by again!

  7. The fourth shot from the bottom slays me. "Who me?" So sweet. And what a milestone!!! :) Come decorate Attia's room? PLEASE!

  8. Hold the phone- WHERE did you get those framed dresses- they are ADORABLE!!! Such a sweet room- I love the butterflies, too. Wanna come decorate our house? ;-)

  9. Oh my gosh! That laugh is ADORABLE!! How sweet is she. Such joy. I loved every second of the video. And if I'M being honest? I almost cried, too. It happens so fast, doesn't it?!


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