Ladies Lunes: Smooching, Hugging and Painting

It's Lunes here. Monday, where most if you live.

And the weekend was fantastic.

It was one of those weekends that was just fun. Which is odd since I twisted my ankle, lost my debit card and both girls have coughs. I think I was so happy because the weather was overcast and perfect and C. was home with the girls and I for half of Saturday. Livin' the dream. Godo times.

Shall we dig in to the photos?

This is Vivi and I this past week. She's 15 months old. And who-larious. And nosy. And temperamental.

She loves to say, "agua" and play in "agua" and drink "agua." She also loves to say "ma". To her it means "mas" (more) and she also uses it for when she wants to smooch. "Ma!" (As in the sound you make when you kiss: "muah.")

I had just gotten home from work.

And she wanted to kiss me...

She's an intense kisser. (Notice my smooshed nose.)

She was laughing because she knew how funny she was.

Oh, she is so precious.

And Lila.

My Lila doesn't like her picture taken anymore. How do I know this? She tells me. And purposely will not smile at the camera.

In the first photo, she's refusing to even look at me.

In the next photo, she's trying  not to smile.

 And then BAM! There it is.

So, this little peanut popping up cracks me up. That little slide? She climbs on it, stands on it and tries to walk down it.

She's been doing this for months.

There are no pictures of it happening because I usually RUN to her to attempt to cushion the potential blow. Falling on tile is tough.

These two pics

Vivi was all cool - hanging out by her slide and eating her goldfish... Then her hermana sneaks up behind her and starts bear-hugging her.

Look at the love in Lila's face.

Too much.


Vivienne: "Get off of me. Now. Ahhhh!"

So we had a cookout this weekend.

The kids had an awesome time painting Aunt B. and Uncle B.

I specifically love this face on my brother.

Such a good sport.

I have the best family EVER.

Friends, countrypeople - have a FANTASTIC week.

Make it a good one. Five more days until the weekend... :)




  1. Oh goodness, the hugging photo kills me. I have so many photos of my girls in that exact stance. Oh, Kylee, you have so much more joy ahead of you! Now, instead of wincing with big sister hugs, little sister runs up and yells "LOVE!" and they both hug so hard until they fall down in a fit of laughter. I can totally see sweet Lila and Vivi doing this too. You will melt. ;)

  2. So sweet! I love those moments that are just a joy to BE.

    (if that makes sense. A certain someone let me sleep a mere 3 hours at a time last night.)

  3. Those photos of you getting loved on are the sweetest!!


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