Ladies Lunes: It's summer.

So get this: we'll be celebrating Lila's THIRD birthday in LESS than 2 months, can you even BELIEVE IT? Well, I can't. :)

Let's dig right in.

It's bubble season here at the B household.  Bubbles mean good.times.for.everyone.

Below is Lila loving the bubbles...

...and Vivienne feeding The Ferg.

My sweet Lila was trying to catch bubbles.

Love her.

It's hot here already. I'm not so sure that 91 in APRIL is all that awesome, but it does mean pool time for the wee ones. They love that.

I love eyes-closed pics.

These two ladies love to "cook" all the time. Lila usually makes "chocolate cake" or "chocolate soup".

So we decided to make this little corner in our courtyard a reading spot. Here's a pic of the ladies, before Lila went to school in the morning, and before the cushion.

On another morning, Craig caught Vivienne out in the reading niche with a blanket that she had pulled out of the stroller.

She loves to be cozy.

Lila adores her cousin Bella. Playing at her house is far too much fun.

How cute are Brody and Lila?

Vivi loves her Aunt B.

Go ahead. Say it. This is the best picture you have ever seen.

I agree.

That poor boy. That poor, poor boy.

My girls playing together.

Be still my heart.

Vivi continues to love the reading corner.

She's super big into her baby right now.

And goldfish.

This is the scowl.

"I am seeping, Mommy."

Lila decided to lay on the tile in the hallway.

Then Vivi decided to join her.

My sweet girl.


She says it all the time now:

"Mommy, no take my picsure. No. No more. No more picsures."

This photo personifies my daughters.

They're not necessarily playing together, but they're always with one another.

(And Vivienne is always eating goldfish.)

Yesterday morning I was doing the Insanity fit test and Lila joined me.

Phenomenal oufit.

I love Vivienne's face.

Far too much fun.

Vivi playing in the sprinkler.

Lila got a new nightgown and she was PUMPED.

Love her.

Have a great weekend, ya'll.



  1. 1. I would like some chocolate soup please. That sounds fantastic.

    2. The boy in the dress...oh, I feel V's pain already. I can totally see my girls doing that to him. And of course, I'll take a photo. ;)

    3. Sophia saw the pic of Lila in her bed and asked if it was her. I told her it was Lila from Mexico. She said, "Oh, she looks just like me when I was a little girl (because she's so old now???). I like her pretty bed. Let's go to Mexico today and be her friend." ;) Love kids.

  2. Your girls are gorgeous!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the bubbles.
    And the scowl.

  3. AWWWWWWW!!!! I can't to see my beautiful little cousins!!!

    xoxo- clo

  4. I swear every week Lila looks older and older. It is crazy!

    And Vivi....oh how it is awesome seeing her personality come through in these photos!!

    The picture of Vivi, that is a Kylee face right there :)

    Seriously, your girls just look like SO much fun to be around!!!

  5. I can't believe she's almost three. Please stop that.


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