Just brushing up on my NATO military phonetic alphabet

4/11/2012 04:08:00 AM
It's true.

One of my life goals has been to learn the proper "alfa, bravo, charlie" alphabet so that when I'm on the phone giving my credit card number for random purchases I can say the proper, "E as in Echo" as opposed to the cooler, yet less appropriate, "E as in Egg" or "H as in Hello" or "L as in Lionel."

So, here.


You're welcome.

P.S. I used this exact tool this morning when I was trying to renew a domain name for work.

The lady at Network Solutions repeating the domain name back to me: "Is that 'N' as in Nancy?"

Me: "No. It's 'M'. Um, 'M' as in... I don't know. 'M."

The lady: "Mike?"

Me: "Yeah. I'm actually working on learning the military phonetic alphabet as we speak."

The lady: [laughs] "That's good."

It WILL come in handy.

This I know is true.



  1. You slay me.


    You Sierra Lima Alfa Yankee me.

    (I always thought E was for Edward. Glad to know that's not officially correct!)

  2. My favorite is to use words that don't sound like the letters with which they begin, such as: "C as in cereal" or "G as in giraffe"...


  3. I can't believe I still remember this. I learned it for a boy. Silly me.

  4. You should have told her N is for November, not Nancy.

  5. I'm brushing up on these as I type this! Thank you! I worked in the insurance industry during college and took car vin numbers all the time. I loved it when members of the military called because they rattled off their letter descriptions like pros!

  6. Im a 9-1-1 dispatcher and we have learn this in our basic training...one day this lady called and the guy on my shift couldnt understand her so he asked her to spell it out, well she got to "K" and he said "K like cat?" and the lady corrected him and said "Ummm...no, K like kangaroo" We had to bust his chops the rest of the day because he spelled cat with a k (and the fact that C is Charlie) ...Ok, maybe it doesnt sound as funny typing it as it was in person...but I figured Id share anyway :)

  7. I was reading someone's email address back to them today to make sure I wrote it down right. I stumbled when I got to the letter o. After a way too long awkward pause all I could come up with was o as in off.


    I will have to do some studying.

  8. This was one of the most useful things I ever learned in my job as computer support technician. Helpful when spelling my new last name...it's a doozy!


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