I wrote a little poem.

4/09/2012 04:21:00 PM
I call it:

"Knowing Celebrating your Limits"

I'd like to own a sewing machine.
I'd create wondrous things...
Like pillows and curtains and bags and pants.
And table runners and belts and fairy wings.

I'd like to own a sewing machine.
But I don't like to measure.
And I don't have patience.
And I hate to do math...
Still I could create a treasure...

I'd like to own a sewing machine.
Who am I kidding?
No, I wouldn't.


tee hee.



  1. I want a sewing machine so bad I can't stand it. I have zero talent. What am I going to do with this machine?

  2. heehee!! I love you :) ....and your poem!!

  3. One tip: if you do change your mind, don't get the one in the photo. ;-) Unless you want to teach the girls to use it- then it might work okay. Ha!

  4. I got my wife one of those cheapie ones even though I told her that it wouldn't be worth the effort and she should spend a little more to get one that works right.

    She told me I was right she was wrong, she doesn't admit that often.


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