Ferg and Millie Friday

It happens about 3-5 times a day.

Millie gets stuck under something.

The couch. Lila's bed. Anything.

And it keeps on happening. We hear a whimper... then the sound of paws scratching at fabric and the floor...

...then we look and wah-la. Millie's stuck.


Please note how Ferg looks on like, "Seriously? You're stuck? Again?"

She just doesn't learn, hence my rush to grab my camera and not lift the couch off of her for the bajillionth time.


Sometimes I really wonder about Millie.



  1. LOL! Our giant German Shepherd used to do this all the time. She'd always get stuck under the coffee table. It was as if she still thought she was a tiny puppy and didn't realize how big she was.

    Gosh, I love dogs. I love how Ferg is just staring at her. So funny.

  2. OH MILLIE. How does she even get under there if it's small enough to get stuck?!

  3. Ha! Life with 2 dogs is interesting, isn't it? Monty has more than doubled in size in the last 3 months, but insists he is small enough to burrow in the couch. Dumbass. ;)

  4. Athena did this when she was a backward-crawling baby. It was funny :/


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