About those broaches.

So a while back I changed the 'ole header on the blog to spotlight my broach collection. These are the ones that I have here in Cabo with me. The rest are in storage, along with my Kitchen Aid yellow stand up mixer, in Toledo, Ohio. (Going on SIX YEARS in storage.)

I kind of, sort of love them.

All of the pins included are antiques, except for the yellow one from Target. :) (The one missing the stones. Q.u.a.l.i.t.y.)

But I love them all. They just make me happy.

What do you collect? And why?



  1. i collect clothes. and piles of bills and mail on my kitchen table. no, really, i don't seem to collect much of anything. but i do like a piece of jewelry from when i travel to new places.

    i had NO idea you collected broaches. i loved learning this tidbit; it made me smile.

    1. "Piles of bills and mail on my kitchen table."

      THIS is why I love you.

      And, friend - you collect experiences and traveling. You've got QUITE a collection, too. Love you.

  2. How fun!!

    I LOVE that one from Craig and the one from your mom in the upper right that is turquoise....gorgeous!

    I collect elephants. Why, not really sure. There is just something about them that I love. Elephants are calming to me and I think awesome! But I collect unique elephant statues or from different places we go. I have some hand carved ones, one that hides my rings (shhhhh!), fragile glass ones, one that even was brought home to me as a gift from Italy! :) Love them.

    (I am with T.L., I too collect piles of bills on my kitchen table!)

    1. I remember having the discussion with you that once everyone knows what you collect, THEY ALWAYS BUY YOU whatever it is.

      And I will forever remember that you collect elephants.

      You collect platters, too, no?

  3. I love the broaches.

    This isn't as fancy as broaches, but I collect chococat items - bowls, glasses, key chains, pez, etc. I love chococat because I love my cat Sushi. He is my first child. When Sushi was a kitten, he looked just like chococat.

  4. FUN! I had no idea you collected broaches, and that the ones in the header where your own collection!

    I collect fridge magnets. I had collected them for 9 years. It started when I lived in Europe. Every city I visited I got a magnet for my mom/my house. Then when I moved here I kinda wanted to take them with me but I thought it was lame (and technically, my mom paid for those... and everything else I owned for the first 20 years of my life).

    I had some that my friends had got for me in different trips, and I kept those. Then, my brother-inlaw, at that time when I got married, was living in Europe. He came back for the wedding and he gave a box full of magnets of the places he had visited, as a wedding present. (Yes, he is the sweetest thing, he loves me, and I adore him)

    Since then, everytime my friends or family travel, they get a magnet for me (and actually put in the mail and send it). And I love it. There's a story behind each (I currently have 64). Nico loves them and ask me to tell him the story of each of them, who gave it to me, when, why.

    Oh wow, this was a long explanation. SORRY!

    Ps. I don't have an OHIO magnet... tehee =)

    1. As I told you, you WILL be getting an Ohio magnet. Consider it done. :)

  5. I collect nothing. Unless you count my crafting supplies, but they get used up and put into projects. I think it comes from moving into a house previously inhabited by hoarders. But that's an entirely different story. I love your broaches- do you wear them, or just collect them because they're purty?

    1. (I need to hear the hoarders story.)

      And yes! I totally wear them. I love wearing them in clusters. Or on a necklace. LOVE THEM. :)

  6. I love the broaches... I was wondering if they were yours. I still remember playing with my grandmothers jewelry which included many broaches as a little girl. I was a fan of the clip on earrings at the time :)

    I collect fairies. I don't remember exactly when it started... but I think the first one I purchased was a pewter fairy with stained glass wings from a little shop in Port Angeles, Washington. I have many now and some are living in Lily's room - she loves them too.

    1. This makes me smile. My sister likes fairies, too - and they always make me think of her. I love that Lily loves them now, too. :)

      I'm hoping to pass down my love for Lionel Richie to Lila. :)


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