What's been going on in OUR neck of the woods.

A very bright camera phone photo of the meds that my girls and I (combined) are taking.

It all started a week ago with Lila. (It always does.) Runny nose. Then the cough. The cough that plagued us for SO LONG was b-a-a-a-a-ck.

LOOONG nights of dry coughing, coughing, coughing.

I let her sleep with me Friday night and she not only slept sideways (HOW DO PEOPLE CO-SLEEP with SIDEWAYS SLEEPERS?) and proceeded to shower me with germs.

I woke up Saturday morning after having not slept with Lila's trademark runny nose and cough

Couple days later. Vivienne got it. Oh, it's so sad hearing a 13-month-old cough and gasp.

Yes, that would be all three ladies in our house coughing all over one another. Noses running. Awesomeness.

[Craig is considering moving out until all signs of illness are gone. We should see him in 2014.]

We went to a new pediatrician today (first name Jesus - can't go wrong with that) - and he was fantastic. Absolutely fantastic with both girls. (May it be noted that the entire visit was conducted in Español. I'm proud of this. My Spanish, while NOT speech-worthy, is improving.)

Results: Virus. Meds. (Obviously no antibiotics.) Should be better in a couple of days.

We'll see.

Over the course of the past week I've wanted to LOSE MY MIND several times. And I'll be honest, I had some moments that were less than stellar. I've been short-fused and seriously, it's hard to be sick and then take care of other sickies.

Last night when we were watching Blue's Clues and the ever-wise Steve was telling the kiddos to, "Stop, breathe and think" when they become frustrated.





I think that's going to be my motto going forward.

I hope everyone's healed soon.



  1. Really, how are you NOT losing your mind? Hugs! (You know I feel your pain...we are sick again too.)

  2. I'm sick, too. Emily started our round. I'm desperately avoiding Anna and Jack in order to keep them from getting sick. Did I mention that my husband is at work? Neat.


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