MexMo: The Estuary

So today is a Mexican holiday: Benito Juarez day. What does this mean for us?

No school for Lila. And, no childcare.

What does 'no childcare' mean?


See below. Cuddling with m sweet pea after our walk.

Terrible blackberry pic. Getting a new phone this week.

So, we walked down to the Estuary. Yes, this gorgeous place is within walking distance of our casa.

The google tells me that the estuary is fed by an underground river, the Rio San Jose, which flows from the nearby Laguna mountains.

Blackberry photo. Blech.

The estuary is the largest body of fresh water in Southern Baja and has provided drinking water for YEARS - in fact, it's pretty much the reason why San Jose del Cabo was settled: close drinking water. It's roughly 345 acres (or 2,000 according to another website. That seems like an awfully large margin.)

Another blackberry photo

It's a protected nature preserve. And Lila adores the ducks and other birds/mammals you can find there.

Seriously? I had NO idea what most of the animals/bird-things were.

I'm so glad my girls have Craig.

Will bring my REAL camera next time.
What a little GEM.


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  1. Love that first picture! Don't you love days you get to spend at home with your girls?!! I love my Wednesdays because I WAH!

    That place is gorgeous!


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