Let's talk TEE VEE.

Are you watching Up All Night with Christina Applegate, Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph? If not, you should. Enjoyable sitcom. And we all need to do all that we can to support SITCOMS over REALITY television.

But seriously, the best part of that show is Ms. Rudolph. First off, she has always reminded me of my sister-in-law, Nadja. So that's fun. And Maya is funny on the show. And, each time I see her on SNL or in a random interview, I heart her more. I want to be her friend.

Next, on to reality T.V. shows that I just can't quit.

I love Joan Rivers. She's the hardest working woman in Hollywood. I DVR both Fashion Police and Joan Knows Best. (At least I admitted it. I'm not perfect.)

Fashion Police recently went from a 30-minute show to an hour-long format. I thought I'd like it but it's killing me. The half hour version was just enough of a guilty pleasure. An hour? Well, it's too much. I don't need to hear them chat. I want fashion reviews. Give me trite comments on wardrobe choices in 30 minutes or less.  I'll be sure to let E! know.

(I fear that if I complain about the show's new length they'll take it away from Fashion Police and give a Kardashian another half hour show. Between a rock and a hard place, kids. Rock and a hard place.)

Next, let's talk about Frozen Planet.

Have you watched this on Discovery? It's INCREDIBLE. And, it's narrated by Alec Baldwin. (Score.) I love it. And the best thing is that it's not one of those animal documentaries that shows  animals feasting on other animals in slow-mo, extended 10-minute scenes. The necessary circle-of-life shots are brief and non-gratuitous. (Thank you.)

Watch this. Sundays.

(I had to talk about Frozen Planet before I brought up Bethenny Frankel.)

I used to be a Bethenny fan. I was entertained by her on the Real Housewives of New York, when she wasn't yet a housewife. I've watched the show when she met her husband, got married, had her baby girl and then sold her skinny girl margaritas and made her millions.

Well, she's got her 3rd season on T.V.  and we're maybe what? Four episodes in? And I find that I CANNOT ABIDE HER.

She's so incredibly self-absorbed that it oozes out of her in EVERY scene. I can't take it.

I can't watch it anymore.

She's aggressive. And quite honestly that doesn't bother me. But the constant verbal assaults and the lashing out and the sword-tongue is ridiculous. YOU.ARE.A.LADY. You do not need to talk about BALLS in virtually every conversation. (Ya dont't.) But most importantly, you don't always have to be so mean.

And, I'm SO TIRED of her constant jabbering about how her husband is not perfect.

And seriously, the episode that did me in was the one where she was mocking the way he dressed.

Bethenny - you and your husband are on the SAME TEAM. Put your bullet tongue away when you're with him and be kind. Your daughter's listening.

Now on to Mad Men.

First off, how long was this show on hiatus? I feel like I was pregnant with Lila the last time I watched a fresh episode.

So I can sum up my thoughts about the 2-hour season premiere by saying: BLECH.

Yep. Blech.

Judging by the this episode, the show has definitely lost its momentum.




  1. First off, sorry this comment turned sooooo long. This is what happens when I don’t blog for awhile, I ramble on other people’s posts :(

    LOVE Up All Night. Terry and I think they have cameras in our house and get ideas for the show from us. (Of course we do.) Seriously, this show is fantastic. I think all the characters blend well together, though I am not a fan of this new guy that came in a couple weeks… ago. I don’t even know his name because I don’t care to know it.

    I have totally caught Terry watching Fashion Police….he says it is because Joan says what he is thinking :) heehee…shhhhh, don’t tell him I told you.

    LOVE Frozen Planet!!! We watched 2 hours Sunday because we missed the week before. We have HD TV so it is BEAUTIFUL and exciting…but you are right, not too gross and violent. I really thought those orcas were going to get that one scared penguin caught on the ice…but no, they were just bopping up and down to see where to go! PHEW. (And how funny to watch how the penguins jump out of the water) And when the Empire penguins were walking through the rough terrain, we were losing it! And the penguin poses and seeing the Daddy’s with the baby eggs, all huddled in the circle – all of it was awesome.

    I could seriously keep talking about this show….LOVE it.

    Oh Bethenny. Sigh.

    I too loved her, but so far this season I find I am just turning it on as background noise…and loud noise at that. I still want to enjoy her again, see if she can calm down and realize what is important and not be so harsh...and that is why I will keep watching. But I am not sure if I can keep watching if she does another season. I am not a fan of watching fights between spouses. Bickering, I can deal with but constant fighting….I want fun brain-candy.

    I have never seen Mad Men.

    But I have been REALLY enjoying the following new shows:

    Once Upon A Time – Could watch TWO hours of this show every week. Fantastic.

    Alcatraz – It is interesting and I am curious as to where they will go with this show. I like going back and forth between present day and the past.

    Grimm – It is entertaining enough.

    Celebrity Apprentice – OK, I haven’t watched this show in years because, well Donald Trump ANNOYS the shit out of me. He is so arrogant. BUT, I love everyone on the men’s team. It is a random group of people and they are all fantastic!

  2. WK - I love you!

    Ok - Up all night - LOVE THIS SHOW! Maya Rudolph is so amazing and I have a giant crush on Will Arnett. Sometimes, SORRY!, Christina Applegate's character embarrass me and I cannot watch. Her competitive nature is annoying, but I get it, it's funny for the show. But Ava, amazing.

    The rest I have not watched - I saw a few Bethenny's and could NOT TAKE IT. Terrible.

    I have been wanting to watch Mad Men, would be a good summer treadmill project for me. Pretty sure I will fall in love with Don Draper in a milisecond.

    Archer - one of the best on tv. So irreverant and raunchy. It's a cartoon so maybe that's why they can get away with it??? Love it!

    In all seriousness, if I had the time, I could watch tv all day. I love being sick and I do, in fact, watch TV all day.

  3. I stopped watching Up All Night because I want it to be more about the trials of parenthood. I just didn't laugh enough.
    Maybe I should give it another chance.

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  5. Zubee Zubee dooo- about Mad Man!
    Love Up all night= not really the new dude last week they brought in!
    No more Bethany since she knows she is being filmed and turns it on thick now all the time...fake annoying obvious.
    Nurse Jackie on Showtime rocks- netflix it if you can.
    I am not a Army brat but Lifetime "army wifes" I really love and have followed all seasons.

  6. i'm totally MIA from Tee Vee land myself. however, i do record Bethenny and, like you, i've grown tired. when she met jason, got married and had the baby, i was so proud of her. i would cry at her episodes, found her to be relate able and FUNNY.

    Now? i'm just over it. like you, i'm like "seriously, get over yourself, you've been in therapy long enough and stop being so mean to your husband" - by the way, i'm a huge supporter of therapeutic work. i had so much hope for them and now i'm like: dude, is this going to last? my biggest thing now is total dislike for how she bosses everyone around who has to do with her new (RIDICULOUSLY big) house and the people who work for her.

    my favorite, do not miss show these days is: Modern Family. omg. so freaking good, that show.


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