Ladies Lunes: Tutus & Milestones

Not a lot of photos this week. Life was busy.

Lila and her cousin Bella.

Lila is now 2 years and 9 months old. This is a big deal for her. She's closer to her birthday. (Which she still mentions daily.)

She also adores her cousin, Bella. We pretty much use Bella as inspiration around here on a regular basis: "Bella uses her fork. Please use your fork. Bella likes beans. Please eat your beans." Whenever we need some extra help - we call on the name of Bella.

Every morning we ask Lila how she slept and if she had nice dreams; she never reciprocates. A couple of days ago, completely not-prompted she asked me, "Did you have a nice nap, Mommy?" Ah, concern for someone else! Milestone.

Lila's growing up and is becoming quite the conversationalist, but more importantly (for me) she's maturing and becoming aware of others. This makes me quite proud.

On to Vivienne.

Vivienne's runny nose is out of control. We're all tired of it.

Vivi also really likes to say, "No."  (See below.)

She had a big week, too! She started walking backwards. A toddler moonwalking is who-larious.

And, she stacked four blocks on Sunday! Big news in this house, kids. Milestone.

Ok, just a few pictures from the week.

Vivi ADORES Cubby, my brother and sister's dog.

She also enjoys wearing as many dress-up items as humanly possible.

She was laughing so hard.

That's two tutus, a tinkerbell dress and a hat.

And, my favorite picture of the week. It's a little blown-out, but I love it.

That Lila loves her Daddy. We all do.

Have a great week, ya'll.



  1. very cute tu-tu's (stacked high up to The Viv's neck) and i love the photo of C and L. rock those halloween socks, girl.

  2. What a gorgeous picture of your hubby and Lila.

  3. Oh my. Love the tu-tu's! The pic of her laughing is PRICELESS!! I can almost hear her laughter!

  4. the dress up pictures are FANTASTIC!!

    And that last picture with C. is beyond sweet :)

  5. just found your lovely blog :) i like-y what i see! Lila is so cute:)


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