Ladies Lunes: Tubes.

Ah. My ladies.

Reading. This is what they do.


Lila is 2 years and 10 months old. She asks if it is her birthday (you think I'm joking?) and indicates that she'd like a birthday cake with candles and a bouncy castle like Vivi had for HER birthday party. Please. Thank you.

(She looks so old here...)

Enjoying a homemade peanut butter brownie cake, with marshmallows and banana ice cream.

Daily conversation:

Lila: "Today?! Today is my birthday? I have cake!?"

Me: "No. Today is not your birthday. Your birthday is June 21st."

Lila: "Today is June 21st?"

Me: "No. Today is not June 21st. It's almost your birthday."

Lila: "... it's 'almost' my birthday?!?! YAY!"

Ah, toddlers. Eternal optimists.

Weighing in at nearly 30 lbs, my sweet Lila has some chronic ear issues. Since September we've had about four ear infections, including what they call, "glue ear." We see the ENT monthly. (I'm not kidding.) She has another infection now and we'll be moving toward tubes for sure. I believe we'll get them this summer when we head back to Ohio.

Here's sick Lila. :(

Right now, Lila's favorite things are:

Reading, popsicles, playing with her cousins, going to her Aunt's house, the sand box, play doh and getting out of taking a nap.

Here she is with some of her cousins. That's Bella and Brody.

Brody gets 100 points for the best smile.

And then there's Vivi.

Vivi is a LOVE MUFFIN. She smiles and giggles and cuddles. And is sweet.

I snapped this picture the other day. Craig had just woken up and Vivi had just spied him. She immediately ran Vivi-style to him and hugged him for at least a minute.

She's so sweet. Craig's blurry, but look at Vivi's sweet face and hug.

Unfortunately, she's still having eye issues. She's in PERFECT health, however her duct remains blocked. This means that she succumbs to many-an-eye infection and always has something coming out of it. (Weekly.) The irrigation that we did in October didn't work, so we'll be having a tube inserted in July. (At the same time as we do Lila's tubes.) It will stay there for approximately 2-6 months and will then be removed. Hopefully the whole-ordeal will result in "normal" tear duct function and a healthy looking eye. Currently, Vivi's eye on a GOOD day looks super-glassy, on a bad-day it's infected and has yucky, green mucus coming out of it. (Sorry for the visual.)


You can see Vivi's not-great-eye below.

We're CONSTANTLY dabbing it with tissues, using eye drops, cleaning it, etc.

**NOTE: Most children grow out of their blocked tear ducts. Massage helps, heat helps, even an eye irrigation works for about 85% of all children with blocked ducts.

Viv's just special. :)

Vivi's favorite things are:

Lila, popsicles, reading, tutus, hats, headbands, shoes, feeding the dogs...

..and eating with a spoon.

And that's it.

Care to see more photos?

This is sick Vivi. Um, how sad is this?

Lila likes to fill up her shopping cart and play traveling librarian.

Books are the foundation of fun in this house, yo.

Lila loves The Giving Tree.

This is one of those photos that I think gives you a teeny glimpse into the future, big girl Vivi, no?

But who wants to think about "big girl" Vivi when you can think about, sweet baby Vivi?

GREAT shoes from a dear, dear friend.

One should rock red shoes... even if one is only at home.

The "castle" brings about a ridiculous amount of fun.

Lila recently "cooked" Vivi's shoe in her play microwave. She said, "Look Mommy, I cook dinner."

She gets that from me.


Always, always, always side by side. Whether the other one likes it or not.

My Lila.

My "Wee-vee". (Lila's current name for her sister. I think it's as close as she can get to, "Vivi" (Vee-vee.)

My baby loves headbands.

My other baby really likes dressing up.

We put her to work. Vacuuming... making tea...

Vivi reading to Emmie, her baby. She got cold and required a mini-leopard print blanket. This made me smile.


Sweet baby Vivi laying on the stuffed animal she got during her first eye procedure at Flower Hospital in Toledo. Sweet senior citizens make stuffed animals for all of the little ones who have surgery. (How nice is that?)

She still loves it.

For the record. Vivi is 13 months old, ALMOST 14 months old... and still only has four teeth.

Late bloomer.

I love this laugh.

That's my girl.


And my favorite picture of the week.

It was a busy weekday morning and Vivi was READY to get out of her highchair seat and I was finishing something up in the kitchen. So, Lila said, "Don't worry, Wee-vee, I help you. I get you... Shhh..."

She went into the kitchen and got the wash cloth and the next thing I noticed, she was washing Vivi's hands...

So sweet. So thoughtful. So kind.

Ah, sisters.

Have a great week!



  1. Your girls are so sweet. I love the last photo and the story with it. I love how sisters instinctively have each others backs. My girls are the same and it melts me. So sweet.

    I always read Vivi's name as (Viv-vee)...glad to know I've been reading it wrong and it's actually Vee-Vee. Even though you've never 'heard' me, sorry for mispronouncing it in my head. ;)

    1. You're right! We pronounce it Viv-ee. In Mexico, though - i's sound like "e's" so... many here, including Lila, Call her "Vee-vee."

      But to Craig and I, she's "Viv-ee."

      Thanks for the comment, friend!

  2. Leg warmer pic.

    Laughing pic.

    OH, the cuteness is too much to bear on a Monday.


  3. Our girls are so close in age. Keira is obsessed with Birthdays too. I think she likes the cake and balloons! Your girls are SO CUTE.

    1. Ha! I love it. BIRTHDAYS are such a big deal. :)

  4. Awww!!! Her "it's so NICE to finally meet you Vivi"-shoes!! I can't believe she is wearing them now...

    I'm sorry to hear about the tubes... ugh. But I'm glad to hear you're going home, that is always nice.

    I can't pick a favorite pic, I love them all!

    1. Dulcita - I LOVE the shoes. They are SO cute. She brought them to me today so that she could wear them. ;)

  5. love, love, loved all the pics of the girls this week. there are some Ladies Lunes that make me shake my head at how big they are getting....seemingly right before my eyes! so cute.

    1. They're growing WAY too quickly. :( Boo. We miss you!

  6. Lila's constant arm tats or bandaids crack me UP! :)

  7. My daughter's name is Vivi as well (pronounced "Vee Vee." They are so adorable! I am interested in where you got the name? Her name is Vienna and I always wanted a Vivi... but most people would assume it was short for Vivian and say it "Vivee." Anyway, adorable pictures.


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