Ladies Lunes: The sickie and the walker

That face says it all. Lila is sick. Vivi is supportive of her sister who is sick.
Lila (2 yrs. 8 months)

She's sick. Bad cough. Bad attitude. I feel for her. It's been a rough few days. She might be on the upswing. I'm just hoping we get some sleep tonight.

I need for her to get back to this:

My favorite thing about her right now:

"On Sundays..."

This would be what Lila tells us whenever she doesn't want to do something at that moment.

"I go potty on Sundays."

"I take bath on Sundays."

"I eat kiwi on Sundays."

And face painting.

Lila is super into face painting. Does she need an occasion for face paint? A party? Absolutely not. We seize the day in this house.


Vivienne Kate (13 months):

Craig and I both are in agreement that we met Vivienne this week.

THIS CHILD has bloomed. I think all she needed to do was become proficient at walking. She's got her sea legs and she's hilarious. Laughing all the time. Chatting all the time. Her personality is just fun.

The giggling is the highlight of my life right now.

Oh, and the talking, too. "Dada" is crystal-clear. She also says: Lila, Mama, dog, ball, belly and our personal favorite: "Wow."

Be still my heart.

Ok, on to the photos. (I don't have a ton of Lila. She wasn't quite in the mood as of late...)

Tell me Vivi doesn't look like a squirrel here.

Sneaking out to the courtyard.

LOVE her.

One morning this week she sneaked out to the courtyard, grabbed the sidewalk chalk and got down to business. With Millie helping her, of course.  (No, she didn't make the flowers... They were already there.)

She does, however, sometimes draw on Millie.

She's so busy.

For a little while I was nervous: Vivienne despised accessories.

I worry no more: she loves hats and headbands and dresses and tutus.

She still loathes bibs, though.

She'd rather strangle herself with one in an attempt to remove it than simply wear it.

Ignore the food on her face and focus in on the cuteness of that four-tooth smile.

Please note the Cheerio stuck to her muffin top.

This is my body. She'll thank me when she's older. I just know it.

Vivienne Kate.

Sick Lila loves her Daddy.

The best father in all the world with his ladies.

My mini-me. Does anyone else see it?

Lila hanging out on her makeshift "rest up" bed, reading. Then for a moment she let me snap a quick picture of her today when she was playing outside.

She refused to look at the camera, though.

You can't have it all.


Please note Vivi giving instructions to Millie about how to go down the slide.

Millie goes down the slide on a regular basis.

And, my favorites of the week.

Vivi and her birthday tutu.

She wants to put it on. And when she does? She attempts to twirl...

Best photo of the week.

Have a good week, everyone.



  1. Oh gosh, I am in love with the Cheerio/Muffin top photo of Vivi. Perfection...and well, I feel her pain. My photo would be chocolate chips stuck to my muffin top though. ;)

    She DOES look just like you. Super cute.

  2. Poor Lila, I hope she feels better soon! That butterfly face paint is awesome.

    I am loving that picture of Vivi with the cheerio stuck to her. That is fantastic! And that last picture of her in her tutu....STOP IT. That is AWESOME! She is adorable.

    I agree, she totally look like you!!

  3. Oh my. So, so cute. I love the pic of C painting Lila's face. That is the absolute best. Memories she will always treasure!

    I totally see Vivi is a mini-Ky. I don't know, Ky, every picture you post of her. . . she appears so chill, calm, relaxed. LOVE LOVE LOVE her tutu!

    Do you hang your pics in your house? If not, you should. :)

  4. This post just makes me happy. Not the Lila being sick part - I hope she feels better very soon. But the impromptu face painting? Cheerios on muffin tops? Gorgeous tutus and beautiful smiles? It doesn't get any better. Happy Monday morning :)

    Oh and I love "On Sunday." Our version of this is "three minutes." Lily will do things on her timeline only, which is always in just three minutes. I will go to bed in three minutes mama. I will eat my dinner in three minutes. I will go potty in three minutes. The best part is when she tries to hold up three fingers.

    ps - what does Craig use for the facepaint? I HAVE to try that next weekend!

  5. Lila totally has a future working the MAC counter painting faces all day.

    I can't get over how different your kids look from each other. Mini you, mini Craig.

  6. Vivi totally looks like you. And AS IF you have a muffin top. Hahahah. You are gorgeous. Vivi will thank you later! :) I love seeing pictures of your girls. They're super cute. And it's fun since A and Vivi are so close in age. Once Attia could walk I was totally like, "Holy smokes?!! Who is this awesome little person?"

    Love it!

  7. Both your girls look so much like you!! They are adorable!

  8. stop it. i cannot decide on a favorite for this week; it's a tie. cheerio on the muffin top or The Viv coaxing Millie down the slide. stop it.


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