I. Object.

3/04/2012 08:41:00 PM

I'm a loyal SNL viewer. Through thick and incredibly thin, I watch. I support.

WHY, on EARTH, did last night's SNL with Lindsay Lohan get such good ratings?

IT WAS AWFUL. Horrendous. TERRIBLE. She couldn't have been worse.

I object.

Ridiculous. SHE DOESN'T EVEN LOOK HUMAN. She's a 25-year-old (or whatever) who looks 55-years-old.

Here's the complete rundown of where this season's SNL episodes (and this season's SNL hosts) have ranked, per the overnight ratings:
1. Charles Barkley, 7.4 rating 
2. Lindsay Lohan, 5.5 rating 
3. Jimmy Fallon, 5.3 rating 
4. Melissa McCarthy, 5.2 rating (tie) 
4. Daniel Radcliffe, 5.2 rating (tie) 
6. Alec Baldwin, 5.0 rating (tie) 
6. Zooey Deschanel, 5.0 rating (tie) 
8. Charlie Day, 4.9 rating (tie) 
8. Maya Rudolph, 4.9 rating (tie) 
10. Ben Stiller, 4.8 rating (tie) 
10. Anna Faris, 4.8 rating (tie) 
10. Steve Buscemi, 4.8 rating (tie) 
10. Katy Pery, 4.8 rating (tie) 
14. Channing Tatum, 4.7 rating 
15. Jason Segel, 4.6 rating 
16. Emma Stone, 4.5 rating


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