I need to know. WHY do you live where you do?

I live in Mexico. I moved here in 2006 as a footloose and fancy-free married lady, sans children. Two sweet daughters and nearly six years later, we're still here.

We planned on living for here for about... oh, two years.

Ah, "plans"...

Q. Do we want to live here indefinitely?
A. Truthfully? No.

We had our babies here. We became a family here. I turned 30 here. I've learned to speak a different language (sort of) and live my life in a country that is not my own.

This place will always be special. But I don't want to get into all the reasons why this has been the best experience of my life. That's a much longer post for a much more introspective day.

Q. Do I want to own a vacation home here so that I can come back on your private jet whenever I'd like?
A. Absolutely. We'll work toward that. (See the next question.)

Q. Is that feasible right now?
A. Not quite.

Q. That said, what's next? Where will we go?
A. No. Idea.

I think the question is almost too vast; too boundless. Sure, the job landscape will have a pronounced influence on where we'll call home; but where or where? That is the question.

Q. Would I consider moving back to Ohio?
A. Reluctantly, yes.

A. Because I miss some incredible people there. And I want my incredible peeps to know my children and to love them, too.

Q. When?
When it feels right. 

Q. Would you move to, say, California? Or Colorado? Or Texas?
A. Yes, maybe. And Yes. And probably not.

So, I have a little survey of sorts. PLEASE play along. I want to hear why you are where you are.

Remember, you can anonymously leave comments, too!

1. Where do you live? (Be as specific as you want, but please give the state.)
2. Why do you live there? (What/who keeps you there?)
3. Have you left and decided to come back? Or have you always lived where you live?
4. Do you want to live elsewhere? Where and why?
5. Where do you think we should go next?

Even if you don't normally comment, I'd appreciate if you would today.



  1. 1. I live in southern New Jersey
    2. I live here because, well, I was born here and just stayed I guess lol What keeps me here is my family is here, my husband & our careers are here. We have talked about moving south where its warmer when we retire, and Im sure that will happen, but as of now we are staying here...which brings me to #3...yes, always been here.
    4. I would like to live somewhere warmer, somewhere where taxes arent so high, somewhere where political nonsense isnt so outrageous. I dont follow politics at all (politics-schmolotics), but I see enough on the news to know NJ really gets screwed compared to other states!
    5. Where your heart leads you, thats where!

    1. Thank you so much for commenting. I've never been to New Jersey - but I do think ya'll get a bum wrap in terms of politics... and of course the terrible reality shows.

      Thanks for reading (AND for all your comments, Liz)!

  2. 1. Perrysburg, Ohio.
    2. We were blessed last year to find our house, which is very nearly our dream property, within 15 minutes of jobs we enjoy and are grateful to have. Family and friends keep us in northwest Ohio, living close to the turnpike to easily reach those who aren't close is an added bonus.
    3. I grew up about an hour and a half west of here, moved to Bowling Green, then to Maumee, then to Toledo, then to Perrsyburg. I don't think I ever had any real intention of leaving the state, although I thought about it from time to time. I assumed I'd move back home after college, but that didn't happen (and was a blessing in disguise).
    4. Not really. I love visiting places - southern Ohio, northern Michigan, Pennsylvania, Colorado, etc. - but I haven't found anywhere I need to live.
    5. No one can answer that better than you! Follow your heart!

    1. I love that you're happy where you are. That you're so close to your dream property, too.

      There is something pretty great about Ohio...

      Thanks for the comment, Amber. MUCH appreciated.

  3. 1. I live in Toledo, Ohio.
    2. I lived in Oregon, Ohio (suburb east of Toledo) my whole life until I got married in 2009, and we found a house in Toledo. Family, and my husband's work keeps us here for now.
    3. (See #2)
    4. My husband is from East Liverpool, Ohio (4 hours southeast of Toledo on the Pennsylvania/West Virginia/Ohio border) and moved to Toledo in 2002 to go to the University of Toledo. He was born in South Carolina (though he moved to Ohio before he turned 1) and has talked longingly of moving away. Texas, South Dakota, South Carolina, and other states have been mentioned in the 2.5 years we've been married, but no real plans to move. Right now, he's an apprentice in the carpenter's union so we'll probably stay here at least until he's a journeyman (3 more years or so). I really like this area because my family lives close; Tim's family is not-so-far away as they could be, and Tim has no desire to move back to his hometown.
    5. It is ultimately up to you and C where to go next. If it were me, I'd move close to family so Lila and Viv can know their grandparents... *shrug* but if there's somewhere else you've always wanted to live, go for it! You've done it once before, you could do it again... the possibilities are endless. :-)

    1. Laura, thanks for your comment. I definitely no Oregon. It's a great little community.

      And you have a really valid point - we DO wish we were closer to Lila and Vivi's grandparents. For sure.

  4. 1. Toledo, OH
    2. Family lives here. Husband owns a restaurant here.
    3. I have lived here most of my life. My "claim to fame" is that I studied abroad so I feel more worldly.
    4. My husband lived in Chicago when we were dating and I loved it there. I have family there and would move there in a heartbeat.
    5. TOLEDO of course. For selfish reasons. No, for real, I think you should go where you think the girls would do well in school, find friends, enjoy the next experience, and you could find good jobs. Also, you need to love it. Mexico has been great for your family, and you are amazing people, so I imagine your next adventure will follow suit.


    1. You are by far one of our FAVORITE peeps in Toledo. For sure.

      Thanks for your comment. (For all of them.)

      I could totally see you living in Chi-town.

    2. Ha! I'll meet you there :) xoxoxox

  5. 1. Austin, TX
    2. It's one of the biggest technology hubs outside of Silicon Valley and that's what my husband does. Also, there is no snow.
    3. I'm from Cleveland and lived in Bowling Green/Toledo for 8 years during/after college. As much as we miss our family in Ohio, there isn't much there to offer us with employment. Plus, I'm not sure I'm ready to ever go back to snow.
    4. No, we love Austin. It's such a friendly, active, and fun city. There are so many other young families like us here who are transplanted from other parts of the country. It's our home now :)
    5. Austin, TX y'all

    1. Hi Jill! Oh, Austin! I see that Apple is going to be bringing a BOAT LOAD more jobs there in the immediate future, too.

      I'm dying to get there and see what it's like. In the beginning, I thought we'd end up there. I need to learn more...

  6. 1. Perrysburg, Oh
    2. I grew up here, or in the town next door actually. But I'm here and will forever be here because of family and friends. Especially now that I have a child, I cannot even begin to imagine her life without her grandparents in it daily. I cannot fathom raising her without their help and support. I need them. She needs them. and I'm pretty sure they need her too. Also, we both have great jobs that we love. Things are exactly how they are supposed to be for our little family.
    3. My only time outside of the Toledo area was the 2 years I spent in Akron for graduate school. So, I've never been too far from family. The ONLY thing I've ever considered is living in Phoenix, but that's because I've got a ton of family there too. But even that pull has never been stronger than the ties keeping me here.
    4. Nope. I hope I can be right where I'm at for a long time.
    5. There's a house for sale down the street from me...I'm (kinda) kidding. We cannot answer that my dear. You have to figure out what your family needs next. And then go get it.

    1. Thanks for the comment - and I totally understand your reasons for staying in Ohio. The value of friends and family? Why, there are no words for it.

      "Things are exactly how they are supposed to be for our little family."


  7. 1. San Diego, CA
    2. Moved here after growing up in KS and living in Dallas, TX for 7 years (college & work). I moved here on a fluke with a friend and we both ended up getting "stuck" here with husbands that won't leave. Darn.
    3. I've asked if we could move back to KS- and it's always a kind but firm, "no." I can't blame him- once you live here it's really hard to think about living anywhere else.
    4. Sometimes I'd love to live near my family because I know they'd be more involved with my kids than my in-laws. I miss my family horribly. That being said, when we visit I also "hit my limit" and am ready to come home, so I think we're in the right place.
    5. Here, of course. You'd be close to Mexico, you'd love all the year-round produce, the beach, the weather wouldn't be too different, and you'd have an instant gaggle of good friends, one in particular who likes to drink wine and hang out. :-) Seriously- go where you family will thrive. Not just survive, but thrive.

    1. Everything about this comment I can relate to.

      I think I need two houses. One here, one somewhere else.

      Your #5 is great. And I'd LOVE to hang out!

      "Go where your family will thrive, not just survive." THAT is awesome.

  8. 1. We live in Lebanon, Ohio, which is a northern suburb of Cincinnati.

    2. I was raised in NW Ohio. Moved to southern Ohio upon graduation from college. A job led me here, husband (fiance at the time) came with me. Turns out my parents and brothers moved down here too a few years later. We will always live here because we are never ever moving again. Never. Ever. Ever.

    3. I never once had an inclination to go back to NW Ohio. Where we are presents too many great opportunities - for jobs, for schools, for recreation, for activities and entertainment. I can't imagine being anywhere else.

    4. There was a time when we considered living in Oregon. But we love our new house and will stay in it forever.

    5. Go where your heart desires! You'll be thinking about elementary school for the girls soon too - that might make a difference in your decision? You'll land where you are meant to be.

    1. I had no idea that your parents and brothers followed you. That is so fantastic. And, your house is great - I can see why you'd never move. ;)

      Good point about #5...

  9. 1. Sylvania, Ohio

    2. I was born/raised here and my family is all still here. That, and the fact that the husband's job of 20+ years is here too. Despite all of that, we talk all the time about moving.

    3. I lived in Florida for about a year when I was a child. Then we moved back to Ohio. But, I did move away (a) for college in Athens, Ohio, and (b) for a job after college in eastern PA. After 6 months in PA I moved "home"

    4. I want to live in central Florida (the Orlando area). I have many friends down there and it's the home of Disney. Which is my 'happy' place. And quite honestly whenever I arrive in Orlando it just feels like home to me. To be able to live/work in that area would be a dream for me.

    5. You should go (or stay) wherever your heart is happy. :)

    1. Thanks for the comment, Traci. And I think you should absolutely move to Orlando. We have friends who live there (also Disney aficionados) and they LOVE IT. It didn't lose it's luster when they lived closer, either. They're happy place was just closer. I wish that for you, amiga.

  10. OH, I love this. I'll play along.

    1. Where do you live? (Be as specific as you want, but please give the state.)
    I live in (Bedford area) Michigan.

    2. Why do you live there? (What/who keeps you there?)
    I am from Toledo, went to BGSU, then after college 3 of us girls moved to Chicago. I knew I wouldn't be there for long. I only stayed for a year. Then I moved to Cleveland (because of a guy) and lived there for about 10 years. About 4 years ago, I reconnected with an old flame (of sorts) who lived in my hometown. I wanted to be with him so bad that I moved back! (see a trend?) I NEVER thought I would move back to Toledo. EVER! But here I am. Technically, I live in Michigan, just north of Toledo. We bought a house here. It is more livable than the Toledo area. We love our neighborhood. It has a small-town neighborhood feel. I am comfortable in big cities, but this is nice; even though I thought I would end up in Brooklyn or someplace similar.

    Somehow I got a job at BGSU so I commute 35-40 minutes one way. No biggie. It is worth it. This keeps me here as well. I don't think I could get a job like this anywhere else.

    3. Have you left and decided to come back? Or have you always lived where you live?
    See above

    4. Do you want to live elsewhere? Where and why?
    We have to stay in this area because my husband's daughter is here. Once she turns 18 in less than 7 years, we have the option to move anywhere. Will we? We talk about moving to Arizona. I have never been there, but he has and loves it. We may end up staying here depending on what happens in our lives, our kids, etc.

    5. Where do you think we should go next?
    I think you should go to Colorado. It is beautiful!! And I know you have at least one friend there :) I would love it if you moved back to Toledo. Sure there's family, but I'm afraid you would get bored. You can always visit family and friends.

    1. I should also mention that of course my family is here, and they get to be a major part of my son's life. That is special to them and me.

    2. Amiga, thank you for your comment. It's so interesting to hear the paths that you taken that have led you to where you are... happily in Michigan.

      I love that you're content and things are good. I mean, with that sweet little baby boy, how couldn't they be?!

  11. 1. We live in a suburb of Raleigh, NC.
    2. This place is amazing. I can get in the car and drive a couple hours east to the beach, or a couple hours west to the mountains. Cost of living is very reasonable. I met my husband and we started a family here. We have amazing friends here who have become family. And, there really is just something charming about the south.
    3. I started out in Ohio (born in Toledo, raised mostly in Cincinnati), but came here after college for a job. I have never ever looked back even once. I have no intention of leaving this place.
    4. See #3
    5. For me, it's all about where you'll be happy. And being a teacher, I can't help but pay extra close attention to the school situation. :)

    1. I have ALWAYS been intrigued by the Carolinas.

      So, is your family back in Ohio?

      And, you're absolutely right - school WILL make a difference.

    2. My parents are in Cincinnati, but ever since I moved here, they have wanted to move this way, too. There is just something about this place! I have (much) younger siblings, so they stuck around OH until all the kids left the nest, but it looks like in the next year or so they will be relocating here. This makes my heart VERY happy! Things are so much different once there's a grandchild involved.

  12. 1. suburb of Cleveland, OH (east)
    2. I love the suburbs of Cleveland... so much to do here. And my husband grew up down the street from our current house.
    3. Didn't grow up here. Moved nearby for a job when single. Left for awhile while my husband was in the Navy. Came back for more schooling, but also to be near family.
    4. I would like to try out Colorado for awhile. Just because its sunny the majority of the year.
    5. East of Cleveland, of course. :)

    1. :) Thank you for playing along. I love hearing that people are happy in Ohio. It's true. It's a great place to live and there's something to be said for living near family.

    2. I think sometimes you have to move away from Ohio to appreciate it!

  13. 1. I live in Northwest, Ohio

    2. I went to BGSU and though my original plans were to move somewhere touristy so I could use my degree and work at a resort, I fortunately met Terry in college and decided to stay in the area. I actually really like the fact that I am in a smaller town but still close to big cities. Now that Henry is in our lives, I prefer it here because we are close to friends and fairly close to family and I want Henry to grow up around our friends and their kids! It feels like HOME here.

    3. I grew up 3 hours away in central Ohio in the middle of Amish country.

    4. Eh, not sure. If you asked me 5 years ago I was actually looking at places in Tennessee or Maine. I actually love Ohio (yes LOVE…and would most likely come back if I left) but these were two places that I have always been interested in living for a short time. But now that we have settled down here and started a family here - at this particular point in my life this is exactly where I want to be.

    5. Well you KNOW the selfish answer to that question!! But you just have to find some place and the things that makes you all happy during this next phase in your life. But seriously, did you hear about the winter we had up here this year....it is almost like living in the south! ;)

    1. Thanks for the comment, my sweet friend. I think you've got a great situation going. You're far enough away from family, yet still close enough to get back to [Ben] Dover whenever you need to.

      (I had to. I had to do it.)

      (Love you.)

  14. 1. Toledo, OH

    2. The hubs and I were born and raised in a suburb of Toledo. We've both lived within a 10 mile radius of our current home our ENTIRE lives.

    3. Neither of us moved away for school or anything, so this is really all we've ever known. Now with two littles, we appreciate that (almost) all our family members are nearby and that we are both in our "hometown".

    4. Despite being so close to so many family members, Toledo isn't where we necessarily want to stay. The economy is taking quite a hit, so we're always talking about moving somewhere else - although it has to be somewhat close to family....so really Ann Arbor or (north of) Cinci would be our first two choices to go to if we could move. We have family in both those places and both are far enough away, but still close enough to come "home" for a weekend.

    5. I think you and C are the only one that can decide that...you just have to do what is right for YOUR family, not necessarily what others might think is right for you. My one suggestion is to look at areas that would allow you to still be close to family...

    1. I am shocked by #2. That's incredible. I moved a jillion times as a kid - to have that kind of consistency is incredibly enviable.

      I think Ann Arbor is a great place - I mentioned that to C., too.

      And you're #5 is valid... we do want to be close to family. Thankfully, we have my sister, brother, sister-in-law, nieces and nephew here. I totally understand the value in having them around.

      Thanks again for the comment.

  15. 1. i'm a newly-minted resident of goshen, indiana (though i still have my WA license and plates...

    2/3 combo answer. my husband and i just moved here. after lots of years away from our home turf(s). i grew up in nw ohio, and he grew up in central kansas. but we both grew into the adults we are now in big cities -- me in seattle (for 10 years), he in phoenix (for 5, then seattle for 2). and to a lot of folks, we look like crazies for leaving cool cities to move back "to the middle of nowhere." but for us, it was time. we wanted to start a family (ps -- baby buller will be debuting in september!!), and we wanted to be closer to at least one of our families for support/general grandparent awesomeness. we wanted to live somewhere affordable -- where we could actually OWN a house bigger than a matchbox, and still have money left over to do things like vacations, etc. (vacations that did NOT always involve visiting family, no less!!) and we both have really fond memories of growing up in good midwestern towns -- the kind where you can turn your kids out in the back yard and not really worry. the kind where they can ride their bikes to school and they *probably* won't get stolen. where you might go to church with their teachers. where life is just taken a bit slower. so, we're still 14-15 hours from his family, but we're only 1.5 hours from mine, which is fantastic. close enough for frequent visits, but too far away for unannounced drop-in visits (which would have been hard after 10 years a country apart). :)

    4. at this point, we don't want to live anywhere else. we just got done with a big.freakin'.cross.country.move and it ain't happenin' again anytime soon. :) but is this place forever? i don't think either of us can say. we always want to be open to the possibility of whatever life brings our way.

    5. ky, when the time comes, you will KNOW where you are supposed to go next. you will know it in your heart, you will know it in your bones. c will know it too. and even though you'll probably still feel anxious and uncertain about things at times, i truly think you'll have a peace about things that will cover everything else.


    1. BABY!?!


      YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY!

      I mean, let's be honest - that's the most important part about this post.


    2. you are hilarious. and so sweet. thanks for the enthusiasm! and if you start getting WAY more hits on your "favorite things" post? yeah... that's me. :)

    3. Then I shall update it. There might be some items that didn't stand the test of time. I shall look!


  16. 1. Chicago, IL
    2. It is an awesome big city and it's easy to get everywhere from here (including Cabo!). Lifestyle/family keep us here because we'd probably be better off job-wise in NYC
    3. Yes, grew up in Toledo (like you don't know that), moved to Chicago for college, So Cal for 4 mos, then NYC, then DC, then back to Chicago
    4. Everyone once in awhile I crave year-round warm, but I know I would miss the change of seasons too much. We're in a spot where we are close to family (but not too close), have tons to do in terms of entertainment/fun, very diverse work opportunities, and still in the midwest with nice people. (and don't forget we just got Cubs season tickets!)
    5. You know what I think, we'd LOVE to have you - but honestly, I think it gets you to the Midwest and also makes it really easy for you to get back to Ohio/MO and for them to come to you. Plus you have the big city aspect and can get back to Cabo in a little over 3hrs!

    1. You have such a quality argument here. Chicago has SO MUCH TO OFFER.

      Shopping. Children's activities. Proximity to family.


  17. Sister...I have no story to share with you that you don't know. I can only tell you one important fact, having lived without family around me, with family around, in one country or another and one state or another, speaking one language or another....with kids and without kids.

    Home is where you make it. Home is where you want to be when all is else is not as happy as home. Home has NO rules, it just is. And when you are there, you know it.

    1. Excellent point - Home IS where you make it. I concur.


  18. Aunt Ky, :)
    1. You know (not saying to the permanent internet :)
    2. I have no authority to leave, haha just kidding, idk it is just where i live :)
    3. NOPE
    4. Ireland, because it is awesome. (never been over sea’s, just across the country) Or in a town where their were trampolines everywhere!!! :D I WOULD LOVE THAT!!! :D
    5. That is the adults in the family to discuss, not my business. (maybe) :D
    Love Ya!! :D <3

  19. 1. I live in Seattle, WA.
    2. I moved here with dear friend Abbe a year after college and fell in love with the Pacific NW. I have great friends and a job I like here and now a fiance who also loves Seattle and wants to stay. Seattle has lots to do in the city and I love the culture, but the great outdoors are very close if I need to get away from the city with lots of mountains and water not too far away.
    3. I have lived here 9.5 years.
    4. I could live somewhere else, but I don't really have a burning desire to. I would love my family to be closer, but I want them to come to me. There are things I love about Canada where I grew up, and about Madison, WI where my sisters live, and Ann Arbor, MI where I did my dietetic internship, but I think Seattle is where I am supposed to be. Maybe I would move to Portland, OR. :)
    5. I don't know where you should live. So many good options!

    1. I have heard NOTHING but wonderful things about Seattle -- especially the art scene. (My husband is a glass blower.)

      Thank you so much for your comment - and for reading!

  20. 1. Fairfield County, Connecticut
    2. Hubby's job. We wanted to relocate to Boston/Southern New Hampshire where my family is, but ended up here. It isn't too far away (less than a 3 hour drive, but it is far enough that it requires planning to go visit.)
    3. I'm from Southern New Hampshire (about 30 minutes from Boston) and went to college in Savannah, GA where I met my husband (who is from San Diego). After college, we lived in San Diego for 6 years and left with the intention of being near my family. But, my husband ended up getting a job here in Connecticut. We're both on the fence about it here. It will be hard to leave now that our oldest daughter is a first grader. If we do go, I hope it is sooner than later for her sake.
    4. Southern or Coastal New Hampshire- to be near family. It's tough not having ANY family members nearby especially when you are raising children.
    5. Hmmm... Based on my argument of wanting to be near family, I'd say to go where you are from. But, the impression I have of you from reading your blog makes me think you'd thrive in the suburbs of some of the cooler/hip cities (ie. NYC, Chicago, Boston, maybe San Fran, San Diego, etc.) where you'd have access to shopping and cultural events. However, having been a New Englander that lived in warmer climates for about 10 years, it IS difficult to go back to a cold climate. I really missed the four seasons when I lived in San Diego (I remember praying for a good rainy day at times!), but there is something really special about being able to go to the beach or the playground any time all year long. Like you, we hope to some day have a vacation home/investment property in San Diego so we can go there to visit often. Although, if you ask my husband, he'd move back there in a heartbeat.

    1. Oh, I just love reading all of this. Thanks so much for leaving a comment, Kara. Is Connecticut half as beautiful as I think it is? I've got it on a geographic pedestal!

      And I would imagine you're right: moving back to a cold climate WOULD be tough. UGH.


      Thank you for your comment! Please, leave more in the future. :)

  21. 1. Toledo, ohio
    2.Came back to finish college, stayed to be with family, married, have kids... My kids with my family and friends here is so special is why we stay
    3.Grew up here- went away to several colleges, came back to finish with support of my family ( I needed them)
    4. In retrospect, if I would have started my family elsewhere I could totally imagine living elsewhere, A bigger city or perhaps out n Colorado. I would not be able to do that now as the relationships my children have here are so supportive, loving and inspiring, I could not imagine them NOT in their almost daily lives.
    5.I feel you all should go where your heart desires! :) Your kids have already experienced people from all over and traveling. To still be able to give them that experience, in my opinion would be awesome. Of course NO ONE in Toledo/Ohio would be complaining if you moved closer!!!!! I do feel that as long as we surround ourselves with love and support and guidance.. we can do well anywhere and be better people for our experiences!

    1. Mick! Thanks for your comment - it's so interesting to hear your perspective, why you are where you are, etc.

      LOVE you. I think of you, the kids (and your Mom) often - hope all is well.


  22. Lori, BC class 200211:27 AM, March 14, 2012

    1. Miami, FL
    2. Born & Raised. Left to go to Bluffton College and stayed in Bluffton/Findlay for 11 years. Moved back in 2009 after earning my MBA from Tiffin. Now work for my family's business (weapon accessories). I will be a lifer here for sure. Just bought a house and have two rescue dogs: Kimber (Lhaso Apso) and Ruger (Shih-tzu).
    3. Left for college. Wanted a change. Wanted to get away from the diversity down here when I was 18. And...the diversity is what brought be back. I missed culture!
    4. Not really. Having lived elsewhere, I can appreciate my amenities here. I have the whole wolrd to visit!
    5. Tough call. Go where your heart will be happy as a family, as long as you have jobs! =) Good luck!

    1. Hi Lori! Thanks for your comment. And congrats on buying the house (and the sweetie pie dogs.)

      THANKS for your comment. I love reading about my readers.

  23. 1. Royal Oak, MI
    2. We live a few blocks from downtown so we can walk to a ton of restaurants/bars, the farmers market, library, grocery store, etc., and can drive to a lot of Detroit and metro Detroit attractions. We're very nicely situated between our parents (30 minutes from his parents in one direction and 50 minutes from mine in the other), which means two free days of grandma daycare. :) Plus, its close to both our workplaces. I've found I really love working in Detroit!
    3. Loved the people in Toledo but left for different jobs and to be a little closer to family. Took living in three different Michigan cities after living in Toledo to figure out where we wanted to be. So happy to be in Royal Oak. It feels right. The other cities didn't.
    4. We talk about moving to London for a year or two once we're retired. We'll see if that happens.:) Seriously, though, it's tough to remember everything you love about your city during the winter. Andrew and I have recently been talking about moving to the west coast to be closer to one of our brothers... So glad to fill this out though. #1 made me really excited about our city again!
    5. I'm so not one to provide advice here. Always been completely torn between exploring the world a bit more and being close to family/friends. I think it's so amazing that you and Craig have had the journey you've had in Mexico!

    1. Hey Kristin! I had no idea that you were within walking distance to such a great variety of places -- that's awesome. And, it seems like your proximity to your respective families is perfect.

      I think you two should absolutely move to London when you're retired. That woudl be awesome.

  24. 1. Where do you live? Jackson, TN
    2. Why do you live there? Hubby decided to transfer down here
    3. Have you left and decided to come back? Born and raised in Ohio and have been in TN for 4 years now (originally supposed to be 2 - we all know how that goes)
    4. Do you want to live elsewhere? Where and why? Yes. I do like it down here but the city itself is a little small. It is between Nashville (my FAVORITE PLACE) and Memphis which is kinda fun. I would try other places for sure.
    5. Where do you think we should go next? Not sure. I do like TN even though I thought I would never live here. West coast is out. We shall see where God takes us next.

    1. Seriously? I told Craig I wanted to move to Nashville a couple of years ago. It just sounds fun. :)

      I have a cousin who lives in Knoxville and loves it. :)

      I think Tennessee is a lovely place.

  25. 1. Right 5 minutes from you. =)
    2. Got hired by phone on 2005, and moved here then next day. I call it Destiny.
    3. Yes. I left my hometown to study in France. I had to come back to finish college. Then I left again to move here. I have NO intentions to move back to where I was born in the near future. (near future= at least 10 years)
    4. Yes. As we have discussed before, I love Cabo for many reasons, yet, sometimes I feel trapped here. I'd love to have another international experience. US, Spain and/or France. But with Nico in my life, I will based my decision on what's best to him until he is old enough to fly away (GASP). I never moved/live elsewhere but where I was born until I was 20. And there's a sense of safety and balance when you have consistency in your life when you're a kid. I met my best friends when I was 3 years old, we grew up together, studied together, played and partied together. And they are to this day my most precious treasure. I'd like that for my son. It's a privilege that not many people have. And this town brings that to the table. And I need to be near to the ocean too. My husband and my kid as well. We CANNOT live without the beach. We simply can't.
    5. UNSELFISH ANSWER: I'm sure wherever you go, you will make it home. Because you are awesome. I'd based my decision on my kids (of course), the weather and the job opportunities for both you and Craig (unless he makes tons of many and you can stay home).
    SELFISH ANSWER: I'd love to grow old having you 5 minutes away. Like today.

    1. Amiga, I loved reading this. And I think that basing where you go on your children, the weather and job opportunities is SMART. Good call, my friend. GOOD call.

      And, I think you're wonderful.

  26. 1. Point Place in Toledo, Ohio.
    2. I live here mainly because Louis makes me. It's the best place for someone in Louis's trade to make a living. (Toledo/Detroit)
    3. I've always been in the Southeast Michigan/Northwest Ohio area.
    4. I want to live in Southern California. The weather is more my style, my mom wants to go, and a large majority of my family live there.
    5. OK, maybe I was slightly lying about Louis being the only thing that makes me live in Toledo. I think being around close family is so important for the ladies and I would love for our kids to grow up as close cousins.

    1. Best place, any place, Point Place.


      And about #5 - that WOULD be great.

  27. 1.Perrysburg, Ohio
    2.It's a combination of work/family and friends/atmosphere. We work in Bowling Green and Toledo, so it's conveniently between the two. Jeff's parents live in Waterville and watch the girls every day. My family is up north in Michigan and East in Milan and Cleveland. We are in the middle as much as we can be. I grew up in a small town and Perrysburg feels familiar to me. We love the farmers market in the summer and the small town feel of downtown. It feels safe. The decision to stay here mostly comes down to our family and friends. We want our girls to grow up really knowing and being a part of their grandparents lives - not just seeing them once or twice a year. I've lived away from my family and friends(albeit for short amounts of time) and I didn't enjoy it. I could do it again, and we have talked about it, but life is short... and it just doesn't seem to be a choice worth making. The value of the memories and life we are giving our girls (and ourselves) by being within driving distance of our family and friends is just too important to us.
    3. Jeff has always lived in the area (Waterville). I grew up in Milan, Ohio, went to school for a year at Miami of Ohio and finished at BGSU. I lived in Washington (outside of Seattle) for a summer and Fort Lauderdale after grad school for about 4 months. I lived in Columbus for a few months before finding work in Toledo and I've been here ever since. I loved Seattle. Fort Lauderdale wasn't quite for me (although being able to get up and run on the beach in the morning was amazing). I don't know that I would have ever chosen to live here, but I fell in love and have started a family here and now it is home.
    4. We would both LOVE to live many places. Ann Arbor would be fun (and perhaps feasible someday). It's much more diverse than our area and we really enjoy the town in general. We dream about moving to Colorado or Northern California. I've traveled to both and they are just places that offer different lifestyle options that we would really enjoy.
    5. There are so many wonderful options... but you have to evaluate what is important to you and what will fulfill you and your family. I don't think we can ever have it all... so it's really about what pieces will make your family happiest for the next little bit at least. That's the blessing in it all... when it stops fulfilling you... you are ready for the next adventure :)

    What a great post Kylee. It's been fun reading why people make the choices they do.

    1. I concur - I've loved reading about WHY people live wherever they live. I could listen to this forever.

      Thank you so much for contributing to this post.

  28. 1. I live in Silver Spring MD, just north of washington DC.
    2. I moved here for the job-Working at DC Childrens Hospital. Being originally from toledo, it was never on my radar as a place to live. In fact, when i heard of the job opportunity, I almost turned it down because the thought of living in a city as big and far away as DC horrified me. I mean, sure, I wanted to leave toledo...but DC? Honestly one of the last places I ever thought I would move. But "the Perfect Job" right out of school was too tempting. So...I took it.
    3. Yes, i have definitely thought of leaving. The first 3 years were really rough. Moving here I knew absolutely no one. And it is not a very friendly city. It was such a change from Ohio. But I told myself I had to give it 5 years. 5 years of experience at one of the best pediatric hospitals in the nation would give me invaluable experience. So, I stayed. And I slowly started to think of DC as my home, supportive and caring people surrounding me.
    4. Will I leave in the future probably. Like Cabo for you, DC was never meant to be my permanent home. But for now, who knows. I don't think I will ever end up in toledo again though. To be honest, except for the people, there was never anything drawing me there. I hate the weather, the lack of mountains or even hills, and the lack of...everything. Don't get me wrong. I miss my family and friends from there like crazy. And I did love having lake erie. But...it is just so dismal there. I think I would feel like a failure if I had to return. But as to where I go next...who knows. Maybe california.
    5. To decide where you want to go, look at your favorite things about the places you have lived. What drew you to each of those places...or what do you miss about them. (Having the beach? Having the ocean? Having sun or snow? Busy metropolitan area? Quiet countryside?) And look for a place that has them. Personally I think the greatest place on earth is Santa Barbara, but that's just me. Too bad they don't have a pediatric heart program, or i would be there right now!

    Good luck!
    Erin M

    1. Erin - you are SO brave. I can't believe that you moved to DC right out of college - I didn't now that. And not knowing a soul? I'm impressed.

      Thank you so much for your comment - it is so awesome to hear your perspective and about your experiences.

  29. 62 comments? Holy crap. Not that you don't have plenty to go on, here's my contribution. (I like quizzes.)

    1. Columbus, Ohio (or rather Johnstown, Ohio... country suburb)

    2. Why? Because it's close(ish) to my family. Family is in Toledo, but the job prospects there? Ain't good. At least, not as good as here. Columbus is the most economically stable (and dare I say progressive) city in Ohio.

    3. Yes. We lived apart for a year while Paul was in school in Charlotte and I was working in Toledo. Then, I moved there. We lived there for 2 years. We got engaged and married while were there. It was a GREAT experience, but it was never home. So, we came back to Ohio, specifically Columbus (see above reasons). Lucky for me, Paul is flexible, and together we decided we wanted to settle down close to family... and since mine is most concentrated and most near good opportunities, we moved here. And it's been good.

    4. I thought I wanted to live elsewhere, yes. There is still a little nagging feeling that I want another adventure - however, for me, adventure (see also: good weather, living in another culture, better scenery) does not replace family, familiarity, comfort, etc. We may live somewhere else one day (Montana), but this is where I feel we belong for the foreseeable future.

    5. Um. Columbus. :) Seriously, though, I'm a little jealous that there are so many possibilities for you. That's pretty exciting! I guess you need to weigh the importance of all the factors for your family.

    Good luck, my friend!

  30. By the way, I DIG your new banner. Adorable, yet sophisticated. Good job. :)

  31. 1. We now live in Roswell. Georgia, not Area 51.
    2. We moved down here last summer for J's job. And because he LOATHES the cold.
    3. I grew up in Toledo, lived in Cleveland (University Heights) for 12 years - LOVED the east side! There's so much to do, and it's all close by!
    4. I'd really love to be close to my sisters... BUT the school system down here is so much better than what we left. And we've already gotten to know our neighbors better in 6 months than we did in 10 years in Ohio. And there's the weather, of course.
    5.I think you can be happy wherever you choose. Some places are just more convenient for what your priorities are than others. And it's hard to predict what you'll really love about wherever you end up.


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