I hate Facebook timeline. AND, a contest.

3/30/2012 05:10:00 AM

So last night I cracked a coca-cola and sat down to prepare my Two Pretzels Facebook page (along with my day job's Facebook page) for the mandatory/hostile Timeline Takeover that occurs today.

I like the cover image that Timeline brings. But that's the only thing. And, I hate being forced to do any thing by the man. Especially a weenie-like man like Mark Zuckerberg. (All Facebook brand/fan/community pages had to be changed by today, or Facebook was going to help us out by changing our pages over for us. Whether we like it or not. See here.)


So, I switched over.

In light of this change, I thought this was the perfect time to implore you, dear readers and friends, to fan me. To ask your friends and family to fan me, too.

You can visit my facebook page by going here. (It's facebook.com/twopretzels) Please leave a comment ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE about Lionel Richie and the comment I like best will be gifted the new LIONEL CD via an iTunes gift certificate. (You're welcome, in advance.)


(Sorry, every now and then it's imperative that I beg for more readers/followers.)

*The best Lionel comment is completely and 100% based on my discretion and mood at the time.

Best of luck. And happy Friday!



  1. I rarely log into FB, but the times I have, I don't get the timeline thing. It's confusing and time consuming. You have to scroll through random things and nothing seems in order (as you would think something named TIMELINE would be). I also think it's silly to separate the person's posts from their friend posts. Silly.

    I think FB is going to disappear soon...you know, like Myspace did. Time for change.

    1. I never jumped on the myspace train, but I'm telling you - I think facebook is here for a little while. At least until the next social media time suck grabs us all. It clearly wasn't google+.

      Timeline is a MESS to the eyes.

  2. I'm curious, if you don't manually make the change what happens? They make the change for you....but do you lose anything?

    1. If you don't manually make the change, they do it. But this is just for "brand" pages. Personal pages will remain the same for a bit longer.

      About the "Brand page change" : http://www.itproportal.com/2012/03/30/facebook-to-apply-timelines-to-all-pages-this-friday/


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