I apologize. I know, I'm a dork.

3/29/2012 05:08:00 AM

Did ya'll see the new JC Penney logo? I'm not quite sure when it was unveiled, but it instantly reminded me of the Nationwide logo.

Because of that, it seems so corporate, no?
It's square.

I don't think I get it.

(Yep. And this is the type of thing that interests me.)



  1. i didn't really get it either at first, and actually still don't. this is what i have gained from some research on their site: The Company is transforming the way it does business and remaking the customer experience across its 1,100 jcpenney stores and on jcp.com. On every visit, customers will discover straightforward Fair and Square Pricing, month-long promotions that are in sync with the rhythm of their lives, exceptionally curated merchandise, artful presentation, and unmatched customer service.

    so, i guess they are playing on the fair and square cliche. hmmph. i guess it's alright. i just don't find the red/white/blue themed square to be aesthetically pleasing in any way.

    1. I thank you for doing additional research.


  2. I agree with Trophy Life, I don't appreciate the red/white/blue theme. Not only is it corporate, but it's so American. Not that I am against America, but it gives me a different, maybe negative, impression. I do love that Ellen is their spokesperson, though. I used to find Ellen annoying until her show. I love her show! I want to say more, but I am feeling anti-articulate. Is that a word?

    1. "Anti-articulate" can absolutely be a word here.

      And I'm with you - love that JCP was loyal to Ellen. I heart her. I DVR her show.

  3. Ha! I will be going to this very store today in hopes of finding some new bedding. I don't love the logo, but I do love that they stood up for Ellen. That makes them rad in my book.:-)

  4. Have you also noticed how similar their commercials are to Target? They totally have the same vibe. Ug.

  5. Yep. Absolutely. And there website reminds me of a mixture between Kohl's and Baby Phat. (Don't ask. I just happened upon it...)

  6. I think it looks like the USA flag


  7. Ah, the Nationwide frame. It's a big part of my life these days, ya know! And a fundamental problem with it - it can't stand alone in most cases because the actual NAME of the company takes up too little real estate... so unless the frame is huge, it must be accompanied by "Nationwide." JCP might have the same issue.

    The new JCP logo is definitely in the same vein as the Gap logo redesign that created so much public outcry. I'll be interested to see if JCP gives in and changes it - either back to the original or to something else completely. I'm not a fan of this, but I'm even LESS of a fan of companies making strategic decisions based on public opinion (Gap, Netflix). How much confidence do you have in a company that's like... "Oh yeah, Twitter people, you're right. We actually don't have a clue what we're doing. Let's go back to the way it was. Good call."

    I love talking about logos. :)


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