Happy birthday, amiga.

3/05/2012 12:01:00 AM
Happy birthday to a dear, dear friend.

I hope that today is filled with JOY. So much joy that you're overwhelmed by it.

This new leaf, this new beginning is going to be good.

I am so glad you were born and I am so very thankful for our friendship.

You're an outstanding Mom and your sweet boy, oh my goodness, he is a testament to this.

Dear friend, I love you. Happy birthday. Enjoy today.



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  1. Thank you, amiga. Your words are always special and right. Thank you for your everyday support, I'm so thankful for our friendship too.

    It's a good day, today. I got to stay home with my baby boy, and that is all that I wanted. (Well, that and a chocolate cake)

    Te quiero!


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