Gross. Facial hair repulses me.

3/07/2012 05:08:00 AM
It's true.

Most facial hair repulses me. I don't like mustaches. I don't like goatees. I don't like any creative, facial manscaping at all. No decorative lines. None of that thing above the chin. No weirdness.

I like stubble. It's hot. My husband has stubble. He's hot.

This is Austin Scarlett from Project Runway All Stars (So what. I love that show.)

His facial hair seriously takes the term, "porn-stache" to a whole new level.

It makes me ill.

Next, Jason Ritter. While I loved his Dad and think that Jason is awesome as Mark on Parenthood, I cannot stand his facial hair.

That chin-thing is awful.

It's just spotty and gross.

So unless you can have a FULL beard, or something -- just don't go there, gentlemen. A scraggly goatee/mustache is like poison to the eyes. It's blindingly offensive.

So I think what I'm saying is: SHAVE.

Unless your name is Lionel Richie.

Then, you're fine.



  1. Awe. Repulsive? :(

    My hubby always has facial hair. Beard in the winter, goatee in the summer. I like it, unless it's gets a little unruly (which happens).

    I will agree with one thing from your photos above, though... facial hair + MAKEUP = repulsive. (Austin Scarlett. Eww.)

    1. I thought this might be a hot-button issue.

      Beard is fine. Goatee is great. SCRAGGLY beard grosses me out. SCRAGGLY goatee makes me crazy.

      There's such a difference.

      There's nice goatee and homeless-looking, you know?

  2. My husband has a goatee and I love it. I actually can't stand how he looks without it! To each his own.

  3. Oh I do love me a moustache. But it has to be the perfect kind of moustache. Moustaches can be gross, I will give you that, but some people can pull off a good 'stache, in my opinion, without it looking porny.

    1. I love that you said, "porny".

      That seriously made me laugh out loud.

  4. Love your blog- blog stalker here! agreed The thing growing on his face "Mark" on parenthood is distracting!! "Hello" he is all good- agreed.

  5. My husband and I think that the dude from Criminal Minds has EXCELLENT facial hair. Enough said right there! Yah, Q is going to have a goatee when "it looks good." I HATE when he decides to try to grow a beard, which he can't upon which I refuse to kiss him. Works EVERY time.

    My comment doesn't want to publish but I keep trying. If this posts a million times you can...forgive?


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