3/01/2012 08:48:00 AM

Things I love about this picture from this morning:

1.) Lila's smirk.
2.) Lila's wearing her backpack that she very proudly put on herself.
3.) Lila's heart leg warmers.
4.) Vivienne's belly/muffin top.
5.) That whole outfit: stripes, polka dot leggings and bird socks.
6.) Vivi is holding an empty medicine bottle.

This is all good.


  1. Yes there is a whole lot of cuteness going on there!

  2. Cuteness is too m mild of a word. This photo is perfect. Every detail. I'm so going to start accessorizing my girls with empty medicine bottles. Love that!

    I don't care what they are paired with. . . leg warmers make every outfit complete.


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