Vivi's BIRTHDAY pictures... phase one.

Vivienne Kate turned ONE year old last Tuesday.

It was an eventful day. I took the day off and spent it with my little muffin and she was adorable. Then, her Mimi and Papa arrived from Ohio in the afternoon. Then she fell face first on the ONE step in our house (it's made of travertine) and she chipped her front tooth, cut her lip (blood!) and her face...

...then our Cabo-residing family over to have cupcakes.

It was a bit stressful (sorry for that, family!) what with the injured baby, the jet-lagged grandparents, and the seething Mommy who was so sad that her perfect baby was slightly marred. (Yep, it ain't my first rodeo -- I know that there's plenty of falling and accidents in our future with this little daredevil. Still, a chipped tooth on a one-year-old? A tooth that isn't even totally grown in? It's tough. Hello parent guilt. Why didn't I catch her?!?!)

Anywho, here are the photos from Tuesday, January 24th.

The 1st birthday fiesta photos? They're forthcoming. Stay tuned! I'm hoping to get them on the blog this weekend.

Look at my little sweetie pie.

 As if we'd all look at the camera at the same time. Right! 

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Sweet Viviennnnnnnne. Happy Birthday to you!"

Out goes the candle.

Boo-boo from falling down. Poor baby.

Those sweet cheeks.

Her first ever gigantic bite of cake.

She wasn't really all that into it... (She may not be my child.)

Oh wait, she is mine. She likes cake after all. :)

More photos to come...

(That's one cute baby, no?)



  1. I am SO sorry her first birthday was so stressful. I think Vivi fell because she just got too excited about her birthday :)

    She is ADORABLE! You are right, those cheeks are fantastic. Can't wait to see more!

  2. Cutie pie!

    I love babies first reaction to cake. It's almost like they can't believe you are letting them eat it at first...then, they dive in. So cute!


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