Pinterest Challenge: SOUP, MAGNETS & PAINT

I was so excited to take part in Wendy at A Couple More Hours' pinterest challenge. Check it out here.

Basically, we all said we were going to try to make/create certain pins from pinterest and then report back on our success. I chose three: a soup, a craft, a painting.

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I'm serious. (Note the all caps.)

Slow Cooker Creamy Chicken & Wild Rice Soup. The pin is HERE. The recipe is HERE.

This is the secret ingredient: a box of Rice a Roni - Long Grain & Wild Rice. (I know, right?)

 You throw in some boneless chicken breasts with chicken broth, water, carrots and celery to the Rice a Roni, then you do as I do: sit back and eat bon bons for 4 hours.

Then you make a roux: butter, flour, half and half (SIMPLE - takes 5 minutes.)

You add the roux mixture to the crock pot mixture. (Food photography isn't my thing.)

And you have heaven.

It's so good. I mean, really.

Also, you MUST eat this culinary delight with crusty bread. If you have access to bread that could be made into a bowl -- DO IT.

This is the ideal breadbowl soup.

I'm usually put off by making creamy soups, but I was thrilled that this one didn't use a Campbell's 'cream of' soup in the recipe and it was smooth and not oddly clumpy or separated like some creamy soups can be. May it be noted that you could probably add cauliflower and some other veggies and it would be just as good.

Note: this is not diet food. I swear I gained 3 lbs eating this all weekend long.

And, also note that Craig stated that this was the best soup I've ever made.

And, also note that I used mantaquilla sin sal (unsalted butter) -- so that counts for something, right?



I got my idea from this: Tea Tin Fridge Magnets. Pin is here.

Basically, you're making a magnet out of a mini-tin. All I had was a cute little olive oil tin, so I used that.

I wasn't so amazing with cutting the top of the tin, but hey -- it's a homemade craft.

Next, I used a mangled, old leftover 4x6 fridge picture frame for the magnet.

I cut it to size, hot glued it on... 

...and this is what I ended up with. A perfect place to hold our household essentials: a few pens, a sharpie and a couple of pencils.

I love that our pens are no longer in a jar on our counter... near somebody's 2.5-year-old fingers.

Please note me in the bathtub in that photo on our fridge corkboard. Scandalous, no?

Go Mud Hens.



My inspiration for this pin was this.

So, we started with a regular 'ole blank painter's canvas that we picked up at Office Depot in San Jose for about $7. (I know, they're like $1 in the States. Whatever. We have 350 days of perpetual sunshine. Beat that.)

Then, I used the only letter-stickers I had and stuck them to the corner of the canvas. (These stickers are leftover $1 bin stickers from a Target in Branson, Missouri. Nothing special.)

 The before.

Then the little lady went to town doing what she does best: Paint-in.

She painted and painted with non-toxic toddler-safe crayola paints and they covered the stickers just fine.

(If they didn't work, we were going to switch to the oil-based, death-to-toddlers paints because DARN IT, MOMMY WANTED TO DO A PINTEREST PIN.)

We then let the paint dry outside.

And I pulled off the stickers with the help of an Xacto knife.

And this is the finished product.

We hung (with Velcro -- because we have cement walls) Lila's other masterpiece above and have a lovely little duo.

I love it.

Fun stuff. Yay pinterst.



  1. Oooh, I'll have to try that soup! Is the rice just packaged quick rice like Uncle Bens? Wondering if they are interchangeable? I most always have those ingredients on hand, this would be a great 'I don't want to go to the grocery store with 3 kids today' meal. :)

    Love Lila's art! So cool.

    1. Unfortunately, I think you need the actual Rice a Roni box -- because you're using the flavor packet with the soup, too. :( Unless the Uncle Bens one has a flavor packet, too...)

  2. Thank you for participating!! I love the painting. I might have to try that with my girlies. And that tin is probably my favorite ... I want to go antiquing for old spice tins to use.

  3. 2 things: First, I LOVE the paining idea. So great! And the result is lovely. Second, thank you for your "not a diet food" disclaimer. I was wondering that exact thing... even after I read "butter" and "half and half." Sometimes I live in denial until I see a calorie count or someone flat out tells me.

    1. This made me smile. Try the soup. You'll like it, for shiz.

  4. As always, I LOVE your creative ideas! Lila is a really good painter (seriously)! What a tribute to her to hang on your walls. I love your house because of all of those things. Such a warm and loving environment.

  5. I made this soup tonight...ahhhh...SO GOOD! Even my picky 3 year old ate 2 bowls!

    (I did use broccoli instead of celery/carrots. YUM.)

    Thank you for sharing!

  6. Oh! I loved that you used broccoli instead of carrots. I'm going to give that a shot this week, too.


  7. The soup looks yummy (and easy!) Can you find Rice a Roni here?
    Love the magnet idea...very cool. And seriously good paintings!

  8. All three of these are fantastic! I am trying that soup this weekend and I LOVE the tin idea!

    1. Let me know how you like the soup - I'd love to hear if you try any variations.


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