Millie's big day. Bob (the perv) Barker would be proud.

2/09/2012 11:06:00 AM
On the way to the vet.
Today is Millie's big day.

Spaying, fixing her umbilical hernia and pulling a couple of baby teeth.

I am waiting anxiously by the phone for an update and then will pick her up around 4:30 p.m.

(How in the world am I going to keep Ferg and Millie from wrestling post-surgery? Oy. Poor Millie Lou will get lots of crate time, I think.)


When we walked into the vet, the same vet who yelled at me about adopting an American dog instead of a Mexican dog, petted her and gave her the once over and said, "Oh, you got a sweetie."

It's true.

Then we played, "Well, what do you think she is?"

His guesses: Some pekinese, some lhasa apso. I said we thought Shih tzu, too and he agreed. Then he said, "Well, it might just be easier for me to tell you what she isn't."

Tee hee. She isn't a golden retriever or a boxer. True that.

She has a little head and a long body. Silky hair. She's black all over, except for a little bit of brown on her face and grey on her back-end. She weighs about 12 pounds and is 11-months-ish.

She's CUTE as a BUTTON and she loves to cuddle. And I swear she's thankful to be in our house. You can just tell.

And she flies. She literally jumps from our bed to a chair in our room that is four feet away from our bed.

LOVE her. You can't buy that kind of enthusiasm.


UPDATE - 2:38 p.m. - Millie is totally fine. I'll pick her up at 4:30.



  1. what a sweet, sweet face. hope millie has a speedy recovery and is free from her crate soon! :)

  2. I adore that face. Miss Mills is certainly lucky to have such an doting family! And I love that she and Ferg already get along so well. I hope she has a quick recovery!

  3. Oh Mille the Ewok Doggie! Glad she is doing fine. Bob Barker is a PERV!

  4. I agree... She is definitively an Ewok. This coming from a die hard Star Wars geek. :)

  5. Awe, I'm glad your new-dog-transition seems to be going incredibly smoothly! She is a cutie-pie!

    (Our 12-week-old puppy weighs 37 pounds. Oy.)


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