Millie update

Millie [Mary] Lou's stitches have been removed. As has her middle name: "Mary." (It's just too much to say.)

She is now just, "Millie Lou" and we love her.

We're not crazy about her barking, but we're thrilled that she actually eats the food the girls drop on the floor. And she's super cuddly.

Rescue dogs are different...

We love her.


  1. LOOK AT THAT FACE. I mean, come on. That is a happy girl. :) SO glad it's working out so well!

  2. Isn't Ferg's middle name Lupita? They're sisters - it's perfect! ;) has the crate covers I love. I can also vouch for the bed duvets.

  3. YES, rescue dogs are different. They know. And they thank you all the time.


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