Dear tourists,

I understand that you're on vacation. I am thrilled that you chose to come to Mexico because what we have down here? Well, it's amazing.

I also understand that you're excited to show off your tanning-booth base tans plus whatever it is you soaked up in the way of a suntan damage at whatever resort you've been at while you've been down here...

I know that you're ready to party like it's 1999 because you are in CABO! SALUD! TEQUILA!...

I know that you love the allure of going on vacation to a destination where NO ONE knows you...

But here's the deal, WE CAN SEE YOU.

So very recently there was this clearly American and/or Canadian couple walking outside of Walmart in a strip-mall type area. He was wearing swimming trunks and no shirt. She was wearing a swimsuit top and skirt and was carrying her shirt. They were no where near the beach or a pool.

I saw them and thought, "Ok. Well. Whatever. They're obviously tourists. Glad they're here. Even if they're not wearing clothes."

THEN, I saw them in Walmart.


If you're wondering, I literally stood in the aisle and pointed my phone at them and took their picture. They deserved to see me.

Would you walk around in Walmart without your shirt on at home?

I'll answer for you:

NO, you wouldn't..., DON'T do it here.

Blurry "close-up" of the offenders.
Psssst... WE CAN SEE YOU. 

(I won't even get into the hygienic issues I have with topless grocery shopping...)


Later in the day C and I were in downtown Cabo eating at a restaurant on the marina and we saw a series of offenses that I couldn't quite get my phone out fast enough for.

I did catch this one.


Once again, we were NO WHERE NEAR a swimming beach or pool.

This woman was essentially walking around downtown in her high-waisted, french-cut UNDERPANTS and a bra. Sure, sure, it was her swimsuit, but REALLY?

Guys, guys, GUYS...

Ladies, ladies, LADIES...

Before you consider heading to the grocery store wearing just your triangle-top bikini and teeny swimsuit bottom... may this serve as a gentle reminder: WE CAN SEE YOU and we don't want you half-naked around our food.

Do not omit necessary articles of clothing solely because you're on vacation.

Swimsuits are for the beach. Swimsuits are for pools. Swimsuits are for boats. Swimsuits are for waterparks.

Swimsuits are not for Wal-mart.

That's all.



  1. Ha! Hilarious.

    At least the ladies aren't topless. We saw some of that when we were in Playa del Carmen last fall.

  2. oh ky... you're SUCH a prude. a prude with such high expectations for your tourists. :)

  3. you might as well be living at the Jersey Shore, no?

  4. Such a riot. But seriously, even in California, people are fully clothed at the store. Sigh. Gringos are so embarrassing.

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  6. Maybe try accepting people to dress as they please, and you dress as you please.


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