Ladies Lunes: Valentine's Day and sisterly anger.

'Twas obviously Valentine's Day this past week. What did that mean in this house? It meant that Lila woke up to a gigantic heart balloon and was PUMPED to take to school the homemade heart cookies I made bought to share with her amigos.

Phone picture. Ignore quality.

Lila was so pleased with her Valentine basket that Craig and I whipped up Monday night at 10:30 p.m.

She also was thrilled with her heart leg warmers.

It was a good day for Lila.

Look at this little sweetie pie. She's sitting on the one step in our house. (The one she previous chipped her tooth on. The same one she repeatedly climbs up on over and over again.)

I'm addicted to baby legs leg warmers these days. (Thank you to Kate for keeping me posted on a recent 50% off sale!)

The following photo makes me laugh for several reasons.

1.) I have winter hats on my girls. In Cabo. (Hey, it was windy.)
2.) I love that they appear to be having a conversation.

Vivi: "Do I look ok? Do you like this hat?"

Lila: "Totally, you look awesome. The green in that house looks amazing with your eyes."

Vivi: "Thanks. And no one can wear pink quite like you do."

3.) Vivienne's small velour, puma track jacket makes me so happy

A dear friend, Wrestling Kitties, made the hat that Vivienne is wearing. It was Lila's, but it has been passed down because

I love Lila's look, too. "Um, WHAT?"


I can't get over how much Lila is changing, but every now and again I see her as the baby she was.

This is a baby look.

Big brown eyes.

Happy girl.

Sheer joy. (She was laughing with her Daddy.)

Lila and Craig were running around.

And Vivienne thought it was hilarious. (I wish you could have heard her giggle.)

I love this one.

Beautiful sweetie pies.

Overly bundled up beautiful sweetie pies.

My one-year-old.

More leg warmers.

Lila feeding Vivi yogurt.

Vivi got some new wheels this week.

And she's learning how to apply makeup while driving. :)

Lila was very proud of the red hibiscus flowers she found while we were out on a walk.

(Kindly note all of the clippies she asked her Daddy to put in her hair.)

Vivienne's personality is developing. She'll do anything for a laugh... actually putting egg on her face.

More leg warmers. It's Vivi's turn to wear the hearts.

I can't really get her to wear clippies, but she loves headbands. (I think blue just might be her color. Would that make her a summer? Tee hee.)

Vivi is walking and falling, walking and falling, walking and falling ALL over the place these days.

Ah, and now you can witness in photos without sound, what happens in our house 15 times an hour.

Lila had something Vivienne wanted.

Lila was sitting in the chair that Vivi wanted to sit in.

Please note Lila's, "What choo talkin' about, Willis?" face.

Vivienne's degree of anger, only about a 7.

Next comes the pleading. Vivi is crying and hoping to appeal to Lila's sensitivity.

As you can see from Lila's face, it didn't work.

Still crying. Still angry. Lila's still not moving.

Finally, Vivienne goes.all.the.way.

Look at that face.

I laughed, oh how I laughed.


And look at Lila. "What? Do you hear something? I don't care, sista. This is my chair."

And yet another sisterly love portrait.

But the mood quickly changed as soon as Lila whipped out the orange tambourine.

Cuteness. (Millie the dog is doing great.)

(Please note the leg warmers on Lila. And how well they match her current outfit.)

And, my ladies were both smiling for a hot second.

Have a good week, ya'll.



  1. I LOVE the photo of the sisterly anger. So funny. My girls play that game too (Out of 100 toys, I only want the exact one you are holding). Cue tears and tantrums. ;)

    Your girls are getting SO big!

    1. You know, it's so heartening to know that the screaming and lack of sharing happens regularly in the homes of others, too. :)

  2. I, too, love the sisterly anger series of photos! Cracked me UP! I know, of course, that dogs do not equal kids, but our doggie brothers have the same thing happening just about as often. And, Monty only wants whatever toy/bone/lap that Tucker has... joy. Perhaps this is preparing me for the future?

    1. Have I told you how much I love that your new addition's name is, "Monty"? Awesome.

      And yes, the same thing happens between Ferg & Millie. You know what's going on here.

  3. Your girls are absolutely adorable!

  4. Love these girls! I particularly love that you take photos throughout the fight and let them sort it out :) looks like things are great in Cabo! Miss y'all!

    1. Alice - you've seen them in action. Sometimes you just need to step back and enjoy it. :)

      Miss YOU! Coming back soon?

  5. Oh my goodness Ky! These beauties?!?! Wow!

    Lila is such a little girl now! She seems so full of personality. So she holds her own quote well, eh?? Mommies girl, no doubt?!
    And vivi? She is just stunning. She looks wise beyond her one year. I love that she is applying makeup while driving.

    How much fun will they have years from now having these memories to look back on? Namely, your commentary....

  6. Oh my gosh, the photos where Vivi is crying and Lila is making her "faces" are PRICELESS!!!

    The picture of Lila with all the clips in here, when did she start looking so much older?

    And Vivi putting egg on her face?! Oh she is going to be a funny kid!

    I am also VERY happy that the hat can still be worn by one of your girls! The colors suit Vivi.

    I got leg warmers for H. and I can't wait to try them on him. When I told Terry I got them he was just like "uh, ok?! Are they for boys?". I shouldn't have called them leg warmers....maybe leg socks :)

  7. That chair fight made me LOL! And yes! Blue is so Vivi's color!


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