Ladies Lunes: My Lila and Vivi.

Dear readers and friends,

Welcome to Ladies Lunes. In Español "Lunes" (loon-ayes) means Monday. In the past I've done "Lila Lunes" and "Vivienne Viernes." (Viernes means Friday.) I believe I might start combining the two ladies in one update... why? Because quite honestly, it's easier.

And here we go.


This, my friends... is love. In the photo 2.5-year-old Lila was going after her Daddy. Trying to kiss him. :)

Love that grin.

Oh, and that laugh.

Vivi loves the strawberries. 

And this is Vivi's new thing. Whenever she gets shy and there's too much attention on her, she turns her head completely to the left or right (like an owl) and doesn't make contact... but she smiles. 

Seriously, we need one of these in our yard year-round.

That is Lila's baby smile.

Jumping and thrilled one minute... then sullen and dramatic the next.
She's my child.

Look at my one-year-old. It's her right eye that we're still having trouble with. It's always glassy, usually a tear in it and it's infected quite frequently. Looks like we'll need to have a tube put in after all.

Donald Trump hair.

Vivienne is our climber. She is always on top of SOMETHING. Chairs. Tables. In Lila's bed. EVERYWHERE but on the ground.

I love this picture. Lila and Vivi playing in the foreground, Millie and Ferg in the background.

Ah, my four ladies.

Tucking your pants in your socks is so much cuter on babies than adults.

She takes after her Daddy.

...and she takes after her Mommy, too.

We went to a birthday party last weekend and Lila loved it.

She got to take home a fairy princess magic wand.

It's been in her hand every second since that party.

My sweet girl's smile. She's getting quite good at smiling on command.

And there, my friends, are 50% of Vivienne's teeth. She has a total of four.

Happy girl.

Lila recently learned to pucker.

Vivi had her first popsicle recently. Um. She loved it. And she's incredibly proficient at eating them, too.

And this is Lila and Emme.

Lila got Emme for Christmas and she is the only doll (aside from Petal the bunny) that Lila adores. She LOVES her. They sit together, eat together, sleep together... you name it. favorite Vivi picture of the week.

And the grandparents left on Tuesday. The girls had a great time with them.

It's true. The only ones who loves your children as much as you do are their grandparents.

Lila loves her Mimi and her Papa. For sure.


And Vivi Kate painted for the first time this week. I thought she would have no idea how to do it: wrong.

She watched her big sister and loved it.

This was the final product and I'm proud to say, I helped her with NONE of it. Except the first yellow stroke. I just traded out the brushes (handed her Lila's old ones) and she kept on a-painting. :)

Vivi's petite stature allows her to walk under the tables with ease. Totally convenient, if you ask me.

And finally, my little princesses.

Lila wanted to dress up as "No White" Sunday morning and she took her dressing-up VERY seriously.

Kindly note the hand-me-down ballet slippers from her cousin, Bella.

And this little one was Tinkerbell. We put the dress on her and she immediately started smiling.

But these days she's much happier driving rather than princess-ing.

And my absolute favorite picture of the week.

And, that's all for now.



  1. I love the joy in your photos...and how you can 'feel' the personality of each girl. They are so cute.

    We bought the girls a Little Tikes bounce house for Christmas. It is amazing! They have bounced in that thing (it's in our basement) every single day since Christmas morning. It never gets old...and it's a life saver for Mommy and Daddy.

  2. so, so adorable. :)

    i actually had a dream last night that i saw you, and met lila. she was absolutely delightful (as i'm sure she probably would be if i ever meet her in real life). :)

  3. That last picture slays me!

    Love them.

  4. Your girls are so cute. I love how much Lila likes to dress up like a princess!

  5. So sweet! And that last photo? I. Die.

  6. Oh my goodness, I think the pictures just kept getting cuter and cuter!! LOVE it and love seeing their personalities in these photos. Great Ladies Lunes!

  7. This post makes me happy. Things I love...

    1. Lila and her daddy - isn't that just so much fun to see? You have to melt when you see the love between little girls and their daddy.

    2. I think I can hear Lila laughing through the photos :)

    3. Ecstatic to serious in point 2 - I can completely relate.

    4. Where did you get those painting canvases? I NEED some of those!

    5. Lila's birthday fashion is stellar!

    6. Vivi is simply beautiful - even with posicle on her face... precious.

    7. Lily has the same baby doll - she loves her also. I hate the hat. It never stays on and I am the official re-hatter of the baby.

    8. Vivi + driving needs a frame

    9. As does the last picture of dress up time... beautiful and so much fun!

    I love this post - you do such a good job with your photos and I simultaneously love them and hate that I am not taking more myself :)


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