I've got some "impressive" Klout.

2/01/2012 05:08:00 AM

So I'm a member of Klout. Why? I wish I knew.

Klout is a website that supposedly measures your interweb influence in comparison with others...  I've gotten a free $25 gift card to macys.com, free business cards from moo.com and I'm getting some anti-wrinkle cream soon as klout "perks". So, sometimes it pays to have Klout. Literally. (Nope, not compensated for this post.)

Anywho, Klout measures your activity on social media sources like facebook, twitter, blogger, tumblr, instagram, etc. and apparently feels that they can assign a number (from 1-100) to your profile that allegedly sums up your social media influence. They say that 100 is the best. I'm a 56. In my opinion, Klout is absolutely flawed and not all that accurate but that said, I smiled when I got a notification the other day that they have found new topics that I am "influential" about.

But first, up until this point Klout says that I am influential about:
  • Glasses (I don't know if this is drinking or eye)
  • Chocolate (I can't argue with that.)
  • Moms (Takes one to know one.)
  • Breastfeeding (I agree.)
  • Ohio (I lived there for 26 years.)
  • Mexico (Also accurate given my current locale.)
  • Books (I like books.)
  • Health (I've got nothing against health.)
  • Toddler (I have two of them.)
  • Allergies (Not sure where this one comes from.)
  • Video (Ambiguous, for sure.)
So here are my recent topics that apparently I am "influential" about:

That would be "Alcohol".


And, "Baking."


Klout, you're dead-on, once again.

I can't wait to hear that I'm soon influential about "plants", "air" and "carpet."

Hello randomness.


Do you use Klout? Thoughts?



  1. I actually UN-joined klout after reading a bit more about how their rating system works. It's completely inaccurate/random and they know it and don't care.

    I don't care one way or the other about people getting "perks" but if I want a box of Sharpies or deoderant I'll just go buy some. I was told directly by someone who will remain anonymous on twitter that they, "will only talk to people with higher klout than they have" to increase their own klout, and won't respond to tweets from anyone "less popular" than they are. Um, no. If this is how people are using klout, no thanks. I don't need another popularity contest in my life.

  2. HA! Charlotte? What the heck?

    Klout says I'm influential about Etsy, dolls and cookies. I don't recall talking about cookies! Well, I guess maybe Girl Scout cookies? Who knows! And, who cares!

  3. At one time last summer I was in love with Klout. I was "earning" lots of perks and my score was up to about 68. Then, they changed how Klout scores are calculated and overnight most Klout score plummeted by 10-20 points. I am less in love with Klout now. I think their methods are questionable at best. But, that being said, I do still check my score and perks once a week (or maybe 3 times).

    The funniest thing I was "influential" about was "Bentley" - after multiple tweets last fall about Bentley on The Bachelorette. I think I'm currently "influential" in Disney and Disney Moms...which makes sense :)


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