The delete key.

2/02/2012 06:08:00 AM

So, I just finished writing an email. I went back, re-read it and deleted a sentence or two. I  re-wrote my thought, then I deleted it again. I did this whole little song and dance for about 10 minutes before I finally felt comfortable enough clicking send

The email was really just an everyday correspondence. No confrontation. No major announcement. Just an email to a friend. Simple, really. Nothing that required too much thought or effort; just everyday stuff.

However, I'll go ahead and tell you what I was thankful for: that delete button.

My words, oh my words, they just weren't flowing. They weren't saying what I needed them to say. I typed and typed and typed... but there was no emotion, no sincerity in what I was saying to my friend. Just babble.

I'm thankful for my second, third, fourth and fifth chance to say what I needed to say.


Then I pondered.

Oh, what would life be like if we could take all of our interactions with the peeps around us -- our co-workers, our family members, our significant others, our toddlers --  and edit them and delete the not-so-great parts before we sent our actions and words out into the universe to be soaked up by those we communicate with.

I'd bet the proportion of hurt and sad people would be far less and the amount of content and joyful people might be that might higher.

Behold, the power of words... they're even greater than the power of cheese.


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  1. Yep. I do the same thing.

    Recently, I've developed at habit (?) of rethinking my day on the way home from work and analyzing what I said to people. Almost always, I've said something I wish I hadn't, or wish I would have said differently.

    Ah, regrets. Big or small, they are no fun.

    I often wish "command Z" (undo) could be applied to life.


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