Cookin with ky: Banana ice cream

Oh kids, this is an easy one.

Banana Ice Cream.

So, you take a few bananas. (We used the overly-ripe ones that no one in our house actually likes eating.)

You peel them and cut them up. Then, put them in the freezer until they're hard. (Not completely frozen. If they're TOTALLY frozen, you will have to add a bit of milk when you're blending.)

Later, mix them up in the blender and add nothing.

You'll be shocked.

This extremely unappetizing photo doesn't demonstrate the actual viscosity of said "banana ice cream." It was thick and VERY similar to frozen yogurt.

Seriously? It was good.

Absolutely nothing was added to it -- but I bet it would be even more amazing drizzled with chocolate syrup with berries and stuff.

My little teething pirate loved it.

And so did this little lady who definitely fancies herself an ice cream connoisseur. 

So try it.



  1. I've been seeing this phenomenon everywhere -- please, please tell me I can do this with something other than bananas? Because I LOATHE bananas. :(

    1. UGH. I LOATHE bananas, too. They're disgusting. I hate, hate, HATE them. Did I say that I ate this ice cream? Um, no I didn't. I said that the teething pirate and Lila did.

      I hate bananas.

    2. But the taste WASN'T horrible... if you like bananas it's good.

      (I even throw away the banana candy runts. They're heinous. I detest bananas.)

  2. I'm a fan of this. I make it all the time. Add NUTELLA and you won't taste the bananas. It's still healthier than ice cream... probably.


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