AMEN! One of the best shows (maybe?) of the late 80's.

2/24/2012 05:08:00 AM

Is it weird that literally out of the blue last night I was thinking about that old 80's sitcom, Amen?

And then I specifically remembered that Sherman Hemsley's character's name was Deacon Frye.

And his daughter was Thelma.

And she was in love with the pastor of the church who she eventually married.

His name was Reuben.

And she was so whiny.

And Deacon Frye was always involved in some sort of "hilarious" hi jinx.

Ahhh... how I wish that TV was loaded with mindless sitcoms and fewer reality shows these days.


Apparently I really liked that show.



  1. My mom and I NEVER missed this show. Also? 227.

  2. Great show! It's one I had forgotten about. But I remember watching it every week.

    I loved 227, too! I was so jazzed when my freshman college dorm number was College Hall 227 :)


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