Time, time, TIME?

1/26/2012 09:52:00 AM
The birthday girl pre-chipped front tooth.
New puppy.
Vivienne's chipped tooth.
In-laws in town.
Full-time work.

Not a lot of time for blogging... but I have so much to say! (Story of my life.) Stay tuned.



  1. Chipped tooth? Oh no.

    Such a pretty girl!

  2. You need a couple more hours.

    (Hardy har!)

  3. Ahhh. . . someday we will yearn for these days, right?

    We're here when you're back.


  4. Jack chipped his tooth. Nothing anyone said could make me feel better about it. It was awful, and he is terribly afraid of the dentist now, but it was about a year ago that it happened and now, with some time, I've grown to like it. It gives him character- he's my little hillbilly boy. Hang in there.


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