PSA: Funtainer Kids' Thermoses

1/11/2012 10:46:00 AM
We have about three of these stainless steel thermoses and I just ordered two more because the straws were getting kind of, blech. (I regularly bleach them because we all know kids sippy-cup straws get gross.)

Then I thought, "Wait a minute, I wonder if I can just order replacement straw pieces from Thermos directly?"

Um, yes you can. They're $1.00 each and you can buy them by calling 1-800-831-9242.

My girls LOVE these cups. They stay cold and they're easy to maneuver. LOVE them. I highly, highly, highly recommend them.



  1. The kid's Nalgene bottles are amazeballs too. I've gotten rid of every other cup in the house. THEY DO NOT LEAK, at all, like, ever. The onliest one I've found that actually does that.

  2. I have a big one for me. It has flowers on it and is purty. And yes- they keep things cold allll day, so if you're addicted to ice water they are totally rad.

  3. Good to know! Stella loves the one Lila and Vivienne gave her for her birthday.

  4. Where do you buy these Thermoses? Link please? Do they leak/spill?


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