Oh, bath time. Product Reviews.

Bath time used to be a struggle for us. Why, might you ask? Because Lila cried EVERY.SINGLE.TIME we washed her hair. It was like she thought, "What?! You're going to wash my hair? I had no idea! [insert ridiculous, at the top of her lungs, scream.]"

It was a shock to her each time.

We tried various accoutrements, but none of them helped with the crying. Still, we kept them in the tub. Now? They work and we couldn't live without them.

Exhibit A. The shampoo hat.

A friend bought this for Lila after yet another, "Lila hates having her hair washed" rant. It didn't work at first solely because Lila didn't trust it. The hat = shampooing. Now, she LOVES the hat. She understands that when she's wearing it not only does she look CUTE, but it saves her eyes (and her ears! Thank you very much, ear infections) from the water. It contours to her noggin and therefore protects her eyes from the wretched soapy, shampoo water of death.

$14.98 at Amazon. Buy here.

Exhibit B. The pitcher.

Lila's aunt gave us a that pitcher also after I ranted about bathing my little cupcake. It ALSO molds to the child's forehead and therefore allows you to control the water and semi-shield the kid's eyes. If your child screams when water touches her eyes yet still refuses to look up when it's time to rinse, using the pitcher in conjunction with the shampoo hat is perfect. No water or soap gets into her ojos (eyes.) This pleases her and us. This essentially means a scream-free bath.

$5.95 on OneStepAhead.com. Buy here.

Exhibit C. The shampoo/conditioner & body lotion.

Now that I know that Johnson & Johnson is totally fine with including formaldahyde-releasing preservatives in their baby shampoos since the FDA says they can, I've decided to stop using their products on my ladies. Enter, California Baby. While the product labels do need an aesthetic makeover, they're serving their purpose in my house. We've been a fan of their sunscreen and now we're using their body wash/shampoo and body lotion and it's great. No adverse reactions. My children are clean and I feel good about what is touching their baby skin. (I've written about the calendula cream before here. It's GREAT.)

My favorites:

California Baby Calming Shampoo and Body wash in French Lavender. See it here.
California Baby Everyday lotion in French Lavender. See it here.

Below "borrowed" from the California Baby website:

California Baby Shampoo & Bodywash gently and effectively cleans hair, face and body using 100% natural and organic cleansing ingredients such as organic soapbark, wild harvested yucca and super gentle glucosides that all come from renewable and sustainable vegan sources. These all-natural vegetable cleansers are non-stripping, sulfate-free, synthetic fragrance free, naturally low foaming and readily biodegradable (that’s the term for extremely and completely biodegradable). California Baby’s gentle natural Shampoo & Bodywashes are ultra-concentrated, long-lasting, allergy-tested, tear free, non-drying and leave skin soft and supple and hair shiny and manageable. Formulated for sensitive skin and perfect for the whole family, pick up any of the five California Baby all natural Shampoo & Bodywash blends for happy and healthy cleansing. Made in our very own FDA registered and Certified Organic facility.

So there you have it. Our current faves.



  1. I'm SO GLAD you shared these!!! I've taken to using a wash cloth to rinse out Audra's hair, fewer tears but heaven help me if I do get water in her eyes you would think it's the end of the world at our house!!!

  2. We've been pretty lucky with "easy" baths for Lily. However, the pitcher is a life saver and I attribute the easy baths completely to that handy dandy tool. Love it.

    Also, we swear by california baby as well. We use the calming and the calendula when one of the girls has irritated skin. I also use the calming everyday lotion as my daytime face lotion. I use the calming cream as my night time lotion. It's the best and feels amazing... but I'm not sure it's doing anything for my wrinkles :)

  3. omg thank you thank you thank you!

    these days just using the words "hair" and "wash" in the same sentence illicit screams in my 2 yr old! fingers crossed she'll willingly wear her new fancy hat!

    also i LOVE the california baby detangler spray for D's super fine hair. I used to swear by J&J's version for myself but a couple months ago I switched and now I use it on her too - works great!

  4. Don't you wish you could tell your girls that having your hair washed is so amazing? ...and have them believe you?

    Sometimes I wish I could just walk into the Beauty Bar and say...ok wash it!


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